Steve Bannon To Alex Jones After Arrest: “We Are Winning! The People Behind The Scenes Support Us!” (VIDEO)

Former Chief Strategist for President Trump Steve Bannon surrendered to authorities due to charges from New York officials.

The case was related to the We Build the Wall Project – Bannon received a pardon from President Donald Trump over this previously.

Breaking: Steve Bannon Surrenders to SDNY Authorities in Latest Harassment Case – Related to Build the Wall Project that He Already was Pardoned For (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon isn’t backing down.

He went on the Alex Jones show to discuss what happened and told the American people “We are winning.”

Here is the full clip:

From the video:

Jones: How do we support the War Room? How do we support one of our main champions?

Bannon: I think it is very simple. Look go to War, go to Rumble or go to Real America’s Voice and any of our distribution partners and just watch the show. All we ask is that you just, it’s all free we don’t have any paywall. Just share it. All we want is share. Listen, one of the things I find most powerful is that I see Alex Jones content everywhere on different things. That means we’re winning. That means they can’t shut it down because they can’t stop this content and they understand the more people that see the content. Look they’ve taken Alex Jones off of everything your content is still out there bigger than ever. They tried to shut War Room down off of everything. YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and all of it and we’re bigger than ever because why the audience is sharing it.

Jones: The way you looked in that courtroom just absolutely looked energized, not even defiant but it is an image of victory and instead of being defeated at that point I just see a man that knows he is where he is supposed to be or he wanted to be. Can you just speak thirty seconds to how you were feeling in that Kangaroo court?

Bannon: Very powerful. It was one of the best days of my life. I tell you I had a chance to visit with some of the officers and stuff. There are so many MAGA people, there are so many people that are afraid, that have to be because of their jobs. We are winning. The people behind the scenes support us – trust me. We are winning. We have two-thirds of the American people in the back of us.

The Deep State is panicking because we are winning!!

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