Paul Sperry: Why Isn’t MUELLER Under Investigation for Defrauding the Court and Obstruction?

Paul Sperry posted new items today on his popular GETTR account.

Sperry has been covering the FBI-DOJ Spygate Scandal since its inception. For years the FBI-DOJ went after President Trump based on lies and manufactured evidence.

Now, thanks to the latest revelations in the Durham case against Igor Danchenko.

Earlier this month we discovered that Igor Danchenko was an FBI informant who lied about the contents of the Steele Dossier used by the DOJ-FBI to open a probe on candidate and then President Trump.

Danchenko claims the FBI knew the Steele Dossier was a fake back in January 2017 but the DOJ launched the Trump Spygate Special Counsel anyway. It was all an effort to run a coup and remove President Trump from office.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller who ran the investigation knew there was no evidence to back up the investigation into Trump but continued to investigate the hoax for another 18 months.

So why has Robert Mueller not been arrested for defrauding the American public?

Paul Sperry reported on the latest developments earlier today.

Paul Sperry: CONFIRMED: Latest court filing by Durham reveals that, as I first reported in early 2018 for RealClear, then-Special Counsel MUELLER sent FBI agents and others on his team to London in a last-ditch attempt to get Steele to corroborate his dirt on Trump. Over 2 days of interviewing the dossier author–on Sept 18 and Sep. 19, 2017 –MUELLER’s team came up empty.

As a result, MUELLER decided not to renew the expiring dossier-backed FISA wiretap on Trump adviser Page, and shut down the dossier part of his investigation in Nov 2017, when Danchenko finally admitted he never actually met with the source of the dossier’s core allegations and just made up everything he attributed to his invented source.

The jig was up. Yet MUELLER did not close up shop for another 18 months.

Now that new court filings document that ROBERT MUELLER did, in fact, rely on the debunked Steele/Danchenko dossier as the roadmap for his probe only to learn its core allegations of Trump-Russia “collusion” were fabricated by Danchenko, why didn’t MUELLER advise the FISA Court that the information underlying his June 29, 2017, wiretap renewal on a Trump adviser was fabricated? Why didn’t he admit his warrant lacked probable cause? The court has since declared it invalid.

Why didn’t MUELLER charge Danchenko for lying? Why didnt he report his findings about the dossier in his final report? Why’d he leave out the fact he interviewed Steele in London Sep 18-19, 2017? Why’d he cover it all up? Why isnt MUELLER under investigation for defrauding the court and obstruction?

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