THIS WEEK: Oath Keepers Forced to Go to Trial on Bogus Seditious Conspiracy Charges FIVE WEEKS BEORE MIDTERMS! Govt. Denies Them Discovery, Arrests Their Key Witnesses, Jury Bias & Unethical Judge Plagues the Kangaroo Courts – DEMOCRATS DESPERATE TO RETAIN POWER!

A group of Oath Keepers, including leader Stewart Rhodes, will be forced to go to trial prematurely this week after numerous attempts by their attorneys to push their trial until January and outside of Washington DC.

The presiding Judge Amit Mehta denied their motions for Change of Venue and Continuance.

This is what they have been waiting for – a seditious conspiracy conviction to “prove” January 6th was an “insurrection” and tie it all to Trump – to prevent him from running again and even to possible use to arrest him.

“It is clear the DOJ is trying to politicize this trial and illegally sway the midterm elections,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution“They will do anything in their power to make sure this trial happens and there are guilty convictions for the innocent.”

The Oath Keeper’s infamous “crime” of walking in “stack formation” through the Capitol, a military safety tactic they learned in war fighting for this country. They are now being charged with conspiracy for using a technique that they were taught by the government as soldiers.

With the trial only days away, attorneys told us that the government has not yet met their obligation to release all discovery to the legal team in a timely manner and they were still receiving documents as late as last week. We were informed that two key defense witnesses were arrested to prevent them from testifying.  Also, new survey results were submitted to the court by attorneys in a last minute attempt to change venue to another city. The survey illustrates an incredibly biased jury pool in Washington DC with 68% of the respondents holding an “Unfavorable View of the Oath Keepers”, while the other Test Areas range from 36% – 46%. See the survey below:

If Republicans take back power in Congress, it is assumed the January 6th Unselect Committee will be disbanded and many predict a new committee will be started to investigate the January 6th Committee’s unprecedented and outright illegal actions. Therefore, the Committee and DOJ are in self preservation mode- pulling out all the stops with a January 6th Unselect Committee show trial hearing scheduled alongside the Oath Keeper trial this week. The sensationalized January 6th Unselect Committee Hearing will be televised nationally, while the actual real judicial trail with cross examination will not be aired at all. In fact, in order insure that no defense is heard by the general public, the standard public phone lines to listen into a federal court case have been cut off by the Dishonorable Judge Amit Mehta for the duration of this trial. Therefore, the Regime can craft any narrative they chose.

With only five weeks before midterm elections, the Democrats are desperate to remain in power in Congress. Part of their plan is unethically using a branch of the Government and tax payer dollars to sway an election by convicting an alleged militia group and tie them to Trump. The Department of Justice has admitted they are putting all their resources and manpower into guilty “Seditious Conspiracy” convictions. The assumed guilty verdict of the Oath Keepers has been timed by the Biden Regime to be announced right before the election. *As of yet, not a single January 6th defendant has been found innocent by a DC jury.

Merrick Garland is in self-preservation as he possibly faces impeachment if Republicans take over Congress in November.

Please read the fascinating “Joint Motion to Transfer Venue” below. It is well worth the short read. (*Click here for the long version with an Exhibit (the transcript of the January Committee Hearing about the Oath Keepers.)

It is noteworthy that Rhodes was arrested this past January 6th 2022, in a highly orchestrated arrest made for headlines on the one year anniversary. Why is Rhodes’ trial being pushed so hard? Some of the January 6th defendants have been in jail for twice as long and do not have trials until late 2023! The Department of Injustice claims this is because they do not have enough time or resources to give the other J6 men and women a timely trail. Yet they are pouring every resource they have into the trial of Rhodes and the Oath Keepers, aggressively pushing their trial and timing it right before the election to further fuel their “seditious conspiracy” hoax.

The Oath Keepers are a group of former military and law enforcement service members that say their mission is to “preserve liberty for our children and grand-children, and for all Americans.” They were predominantly present on January 6th to provide security for the scheduled speakers.

According to J6 Defendant Treniss Evans and founder of Condemned USA:

“A Nation was grateful when Oath Keepers like Stewart Rhodes and Michael Greene rushed to rescue, protect and serve repeatedly- as they did for hurricane victims of Katrina in Louisiana, and Maria in Puerto Rico from looters and those who prey on the weak in difficult times.  The Oath Keepers served as a Veteran’s organization coordinating with local and State police to include National Guard units to protect communities, businesses and residences during natural disasters. The citizens who have encountered them and know their hearts routinely share their thanks and respect for the protection, services, first aid, food and safety they have provided in times of need. Shockingly, the Biden era weaponization of the DOJ finds that those tasked with serving as security details for their fellow citizens are now somehow Enemies of the State and are facing life in prison for Seditious Conspiracy.”

You can also read the first two pages of a motion made by the legal team of Stewart Rhodes below so you can fully understand the crimes the Injustice Department has committed in denying this man his due process rights.

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Please see video below of Oath Keepers working with police on January 6th to assist, and their non-violent stack formation in and out of the Capitol:

The five Oath Keepers set to stand trial this week are Stewart Rhodes, Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins and Thomas Caldwell. All of the defendants (besides Caldwell) are locked away in unconstitutional pre-trial detention. None of the defendants are being accused of violence and it is widely accepted that they helped police on January 6th. They walked into the Capitol in “stack formation” and walked out. None were armed and they left any weapons they possessed on the trip locked up legally in neighboring Virginia.

Stewart Rhodes is the leader of the Oath Keepers. Originally from Connecticut, he is a Yale Law School Graduate that worked for Congressman Ron Paul, supporting the Libertarian Texan’s run for president in 2008.

Stewart Rhodes, Harvard Law Graduate and Founder of the Oath Keepers.

Kelly Meggs was the general manager at a car dealership in Lake City, Florida and a volunteer at a thrift shop. The devout Christian’s farm was raided by the FBI in March of 2021 when all his donkeys were let loose into the neighborhood by the feds. His wife, Connie Meggs, was also arrested as their children and grandchildren had guns pointed at them and watched their grandparents being taken away by men armed with military weapons. Help the Meggs HERE.

Connie Meggs as a free man with his family before his unconstitutional detainment at DC Gitmo.

Jessica Watkins is a decorated Army veteran that was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. She is well know in her town of Woodstock, Ohio, where she ran a small bar named “The Jolly Roger”. Watkins is also know in the neighborhood for a small militia-style group she helped form with her boyfriend in case of a tornado. The FBI has named her as an alleged “leader” in the Oath Keepers. Watkins is transgender and served honorably in the military as a male before she transitioned to female. Watkins is completely accepted and respected for her sheer abilities by all members of the Oath Keepers and the January 6th prisoners, who have described Watkins a great friend and Patriot. Up until very recently Watkins was housed with the male January 6th prisoners, who watched her back in the notorious prison. Help Jessica HERE. *To date, she has not been able to crowd source as much as the others and needs your help.

Jessica Watkins in stack formation on January 6th after helping the Oath Keepers assist police that day.

Kenneth Harrelson is a father of three and a Retired Army Sargeant. His family’s bank account was frozen and his wife lost her job due to his arrest. The DOJ has also instructed the Department of Veterans Affairs to allegedly suspend all benefits going to Harrelson, including his medical disability he relies on. His wife, Angel Harrelson, says she has no choice to put their home up for sale and their belongings into storage as she now struggles alone to fend for their three children. Help him HERE.

Keneth Harrelson, decorated veteran and husband. Veterans are disproportionally arrested for January 6th.

According to an article in the Epoch Times, Thomas Caldwell says federal prosecutors have gotten it badly wrong, mixing up or intentionally twisting bluster among retired military men into some kind of sinister conspiracy. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and a retired lieutenant commander and served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Thomas Caldwell at his home in Berryville, Va., on March 19, 2022. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

“A lot of the things that they’re saying are horrible and seditious are mocking and jibing and poking fun with friends—in private conversations—sometimes with one person in a text message, or two people,” said Caldwell. “In fact, some of these things are with guys that are 75 miles away in Virginia, who are at their farms, drunk as lords, as they say, watching stuff on TV.”

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Regardless of their impressive resumes serving this country, the disrespectful fake news media has painted the Oath Keepers as a white supremacy and anti-government group. The desperate January 6th Committee has falsely attempted to tie them to President Trump. The trial results will surely be aired on Primetime TV in a final January 6th Unselect Committee Hearing a week or so before the midterm election, and make the sweeping allegation that the group was “acting on orders of President Trump.”

“Many are suspicious this is the conviction the government has been working towards to find a way to implicate Trump criminally,” said Ryan. “After many other unsuccessful attempts, they feel this is their big chance to first alter the midterm results to retain power- and then prevent Trump from running again.”

It is public record and in the transcripts of the January 6th Committee that the Committee polluted the jury pool by falsely telling the American public WITH NO PROOF that the Oath Keepers were extremists and white supremacists “acting upon orders of President Trump”, a claim not supported by discoverable evidence.  At the first Committee hearing, disgraced Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) suggested that the Oath Keepers were working under orders from former President Trump to engage in violence on January 6th.  Alluding to the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, Cheney falsely claimed:  “Intelligence available before January 6th identified plans to “invade” the Capitol.” Cheney further claimed that former President Trump “directed” an “armed mob,” including the Oath Keepers, to the Capitol on January 6th. See transcript.

To further cripple the defense, the FBI arrested two key defense witnesses earlier month shortly after it was announced they would testify to prove the Oath Keepers innocence. The witnesses that were arrested are Kelly Sorelle and Michael Greene (also known was Michael Simmons). Sorelle was the Attorney and the General Counsel for The Oath Keepers before January 6th. She was arrested on September 1st, 2022, only just weeks after being named as a defense witness.

“This is unheard of and problematic for the defense counsels who have spent what now borders on two years researching and developing a defense- only to have that course unscrupulously altered at this late stage,” said J6 Defendant Treniss Evans of Condemned USA. “Fair and ethical judges would grant the requested continuance for trial to be pushed based on this but the Judge in this case refused to move it. The DOJ knows these unconstitutional and ethically disturbing tactics will create additional appellate matters but do not care.”

Clearly, the top priority is getting this conviction before midterms and using it to legally implicate President Trump in the near future.

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The other witness that was arrested this month and as a result can no longer testify is Michael Greene. Greene was “Command on the Ground” for The Oath Keepers January 6th and in charge of all security operations for the speakers (who possessed permits for the East Grounds and stages at The United States Capitol). Michael Greene is an African American Veteran and many believe was not arrested prior because his race would act as a hindrance to the prosecution’s “white supremacy” narrative of the Oath Keepers. That narrative would not play out well in front of the jury if they see a black man was a respected leader in the “racist” group.

The only photo we can find of Oath Keeper defendant Michael Greene. The hypocrite leftist media photoshopped him onto a red background to demonize the African American Oath Keeper as his race does not fit their “white supremacy” narrative they are presenting to the jury.

“When the prosecution found out Greene planned on testifying for the defense, they promptly got a warrant and arrested him right before the trail,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “He can longer testify. There is no way the prosecutors were going to let a Black man with a leadership role in the Oath Keepers get on the witness stand and go to bat for these guys. This would fly in the face of their “white supremacy” narrative. So they knocked him out of the picture and he now facing his own legal woes.”

Another issue in the trial is the Dishonorable Judge Amit Mehta, the Obama Appointee who is presiding over the trial.

The Dishonorable Judge Mehta is forcing the Oath Keeper trial, violating the due process rights of American citizens and breaking his oath to uphold the Constitution.

The DOJ and Democrat party have Mehta in their pockets- who many say has his sights set on an eventual Supreme Court nomination. Metha has been incredibly unethical if not unlawful in allowing this case to go to trial. Mehta is aware of the due process violations of the defendants and the conflict of interest before midterm election alongside a January 6th Committee hearing the same week. Furthermore, Mehta is known for getting into screaming matches with January 6th defense attorneys and publicly insulting them. This Dishonorable Judge will eventually be impeached for his complete disregard for the due process rights of the citizens he swore to protect in his courtroom. He has knowingly allowed the other two separate branches of government and prosecutors to violate the constitutional rights of these defendants for political gain and theatre. See more information below on Judge Mehta’s controversial decision to force the Oath Keepers to stand trail knowing they will not receive a fair shake in DC or before the midterm elections.

Mehta vehemently denied the defense attorneys request for a mere continuance of a few months. The defense argued that pushing the trial a few months would counter the brutal after-effects the January 6th Unselect Committee had on their clients (who were attacked mercilessly and individually by name on national air), and to avoid the political prosecution that will come full force with a Biden DOJ left unchecked by two Democrat houses of Congress before an important election.

According to their own website and rules, the Department of Justice is prohibited from taking actions, like prosecuting a trail, that may have an impact on an Election. Clearly, the rule no longer applies as the Department of Injustice is in self-preservation mode, and desperate to assist in the re-election of Democrats so they can avoid investigative committees into their actions over the past two years, and the impeachment of Merrick Garland for his unprecedented unethical behavior in his persecution of American Citizens for political purposes.

According to Rule 9-85.500 (Actions that May Have an Impact on an Election) on the Department of Justice website: 

Federal prosecutors and agents may never select the timing of any action, including investigative steps, criminal charge, or statements, for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party. Such a purpose is inconsistent with the Department’s mission and with the Principles of Federal Prosecution. See § 9-27.260. Any action likely to raise an issue or the perception of an issue under this provision requires consultation with the Public Integrity Section, and such action shall not be taken if the Public Integrity Section advises that further consultation is required with the Deputy Attorney General or Attorney General.”

This rule does not apply to Republicans or Trump Supporters as the Department of Injustice has ignored their own rule. With the upcoming election around the corner, the DOJ has worked hand and hand with the legislature and the Democrats to use the J6 trials to sway voters to vote against “Trump’s party” and devastated the lives of thousands of regular American in the crosshairs.

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It is also noteworthy that multiple members of the January 6th Unselect Committee are also up for re-election and using their Committee to gain popularity points with their base and demonize their opposition. The DOJ is unethically working them to make this happen.

The members of the J6 Committee up for re-election include Bennie Thompson (Mississippi), Pete Aguilar (California) Jamie Raskin (Maryland) and Elaine Luria (Virginia).  The DOJ is working with these ruthless legislators – therefore violating Rule 9-85.500. These Congress members should be investigated and impeached immediately, and will do anything in their current power to illegally sway the election to prevent that from happening.

These Democrats have more incentive than ever TO REMAIN IN POWER AND IN THE MAJORITY. After two years now of unchecked and illegal manhunts on citizens by the Department of Justice, the FBI, the members of Congress that are part of the January 6th Committee, Merrick Garland and Joe Biden himself- if the Democrats do not retain power THEY HAVE MORE TO LOSE THAN A POLITICAL PARTY HAS IN RECENT HISTORY by losing the majority in the Congress. 

In the past the political parties let bygones be after an election, but the Democrat party has now broken that unspoken pact.

“They have been viciously torturing Americans,” said Ryan. “If they lose power there will be reckoning for this and they know it.”

The past two years have been unprecedented with the majority political party weaponizing the DOJ, the FBI, Congressional committees and the Regime media to squash out their political opponents, including the obvious President Trump, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani and the scores of others that have been politically persecuted by these government institutions. Worse yet, the have included ordinary MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC IN THEIR MCCARTHY-LIKE rounding up of the opposition– arresting thousands, causing the suicides of many of those persecuted and the demolition of the lives of those arrested and their families.


Therefore, they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to stay there to protect themselves. It is more than an election. It is SELF-PRESERVATION. Merrick Garland, the January 6th Unselect Committee and the FBI have committed atrocities that will go down in history to illustrate a reign of terror in America, and there is no way they are going out without knocking down Democracy in their way.

This is where this Oath Keepers trial fits in- and if America isn’t watching and protesting this travesty- the Regime just may pull off alleged election interference and swaying undecided voters to their side by using taxpayer dollars to politically and illegally persecute this group of Oath Keepers.

See a Renewed Joint Motion to Transfer Venue here;

As to be expected, the mainstream media will be present at this trial, ready to do the Regime’s biding, foaming at the mouth for sensationalized headlines. We at The Gateway Pundit have sat alongside some of these so called reporters and have literally observed them write alternate facts and biased interpretations in real time- so please read their “news” articles with the full understanding most of these individuals are biased and beholden to their cooperate masters- forget about their fellow Americans in shackles on the stand that they are throwing under the bus for ratings and clicks.

Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins assists a man down the Capitol steps n January 6th. Watkins goes to trail this week.

The good news is, the transcripts of these cases will be transcribed and will one day come back to haunt these compromised Judges, demonic prosectors and fake news operators.

In the meantime, arm yourselves with knowledge and facts. Please take the time to read the attached motions. Be a solution to the problem and share them accurately with the masses.

Again, please read the fascinating notions attached above such as the “Defendants’ Joint Motion to Transfer Venue or Continue Trial Date” by clicking HERE. *Do not be discouraged by the length of the document, the first 12 pages are the most important part. It is a fascinating read and well-worth your time to understand the magnitude of this case. You can also read the first two pages of the following motion made by the legal team of Stewart Rhodes so you can fully understand the crimes the Injustice Department has committed in denying this man his due process rights. Here is an article of the controversial response by the Dishonorable Judge Mehta. Share this information everywhere.

Thomas Caldwell smiles happily with his wife on one of his last days as a free man before his persecution by the Biden Regime.

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Remember, in the end God wins.

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