JD Vance Responds to Opponent Tim Ryan’s Call to “Kill and Confront” MAGA

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle interviewed Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Boyle asked Vance about the troubling comments of his opponent, Tim Ryan, who called to “kill and confront” supporters of former President Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

Loving our country, protecting our borders, bringing back jobs back, addressing crime and honoring our  forefathers is  “extremist” and “dangerous” to the radical left.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Ryan told the audience, “How do we fix all of these broken systems?… Some of those answers will come from Republicans. Not the extremists that we’re dealing with every single day. We’ve gotta kill and confront that movement.”

Excerpts courtesy of Breitbart.

The New York Times would not be writing a story about the Trump rally today. They would be writing a story about me being a violent extremist who is trying to get my political opponents assassinated. So first of all, let’s, like, just take stock of the double standard of the media, the fact that they would completely lose their minds if a Republican said that,” he said.

But what is, perhaps, more stunning, Vance, said, is the fact that his opponent has tried to posture as “some sort of moderate Republican or even a conservative Republican.”

“He talks about how he agreed with Trump on this or that issue. … But he says that he believes these things. So he’s trying to posture as this, like, conservative MAGA guy in his TV commercials, and yet, when he’s unscripted, he lets loose and says we need to kill and confront this radical movement,” Vance said, calling Ryan an “unbelievable fraud.”

“What an unbelievable thing to talk out of both sides of your mouth within a week, to run TV commercials, on the one hand, saying that you support all of these Trump policies, and then to say that the movement needs to be confronted and killed. I don’t know how anybody can do that and look at themselves in the mirror, but I’m not a Democrat politician. So I don’t have to do that,” Vance said, discussing how Democrats do this often, insulting half the country.

“We disagree with one another, but you don’t have the leader of the country attacking half of the country because they voted for the wrong person,” he continued, explaining that Trump and other notable Republicans did not do that to Hillary Clinton voters.

“That’s exactly what Joe Biden is doing. This is really unprecedented. And I think it’s pretty dangerous. Effectively, what they’re trying to do is say that if you voted for the wrong person, you have become on the outside looking in of your own government. You become an enemy of the United States government. And that’s pretty ridiculous, given how many people who voted for Trump in 2016 or 2020, serving the military, have their kids serve the military, actually do a lot of the jobs to keep this country running and working on time,” Vance said, deeming this all part of the “Tim Ryan playbook.”

Listen to Boyle’s excellent interview below.




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