Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to Represent Whistleblower Harry Wait Charged With Election Fraud

Harry Wait, a Wisconsin whistleblower who is now being prosecuted for election fraud crimes that he exposed and reported to law enforcement, and after initially representing himself, is now being represented by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman–at least temporarily.

Wait appeared in court earlier this month, and was put under a gag order by Scott Walker appointed Judge Robert Repischak, following that proceeding.

Wait conducted his own citizen-sting operation into the state’s absentee ballot requesting system by ordering ballots other peoples’ names to his address off the website. Wait received some of the ballots in the mail and took the evidence to the Racine County Sheriff. Two requests made without consent were in names of elected officials, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) and Racine, and WI Mayor Cory Mason , eight other requests were people he knew and had received permission from to conduct the sting.

Justice Gableman was previously hired by Speaker Vos to conduct an investigation into statewide fraud in the 2020 election but was fired by Vos immediately following Vos’s victory over Trump-endorsed primary challenger Adam Steen.

Today, representing Wait in court, Gableman asked Judge Repischak for more time for Wait to hire an attorney for his defense. Repischak granted an extension for the preliminary hearing to October 7.

WISN reports “Gableman, who is now an attorney at the Thomas More Society, said he has not received clearance yet to represent Wait throughout the case but he will at least assist in helping to find him counsel.”

“I want to make sure all of his legal rights are safeguarded, and whether that’s me or another lawyer, I think it’s very wise for him to decide to seek counsel,” Gableman said.

Wisconsin man Criminally Charged for Election Fraud after He Conducted a Sting to Expose Ballot Security Vulnerabilities in Wisconsin



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