CNN Points Out How Ridiculous Joe Biden Looks For Taking a Victory Lap on Inflation While the Stock Market Tanks… Because of Inflation (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and the Democrats on Tuesday celebrated the $740 billion Green New Deal absurdly named the “Inflation Reduction Act” at the White House.

Biden celebrated his Inflation Reduction Act hours after a disappointing August inflation report.

The August inflation report was “hotter than expected.”

Inflation rose by 0.1% in August even though gas prices dropped.

Food prices and shelter costs are up.

  • The inflation rate in August was 8.3% – up from July.
  • Wages are down 2.8%
  • Grocery-food prices surged 13.5% from last year – largest spike since 1979!
  • Energy prices surged 15.8% – the most in over 40 years!

The Dow Jones tumbled more than 1,200 points and the S&P 500 fell more than 4% on Tuesday after the disappointing August inflation report and Joe Biden is at the White House taking a victory lap.

Joe Biden took a victory lap on inflation while the market tanked on news of rising inflation.

Even CNN pointed out how ridiculous Joe Biden looked and sounded at his celebration.

“There is this unfortunate split screen right now with the Dow taking a total beating…it feels like it’s hard to be celebratory for some people,” CNN said.


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