Embarrassing: Seemingly Drunk Trudeau Shown Singing to Spectators While In London to Attend Queen’s Funeral (VIDEO)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a constant public embarrassment.

Who can forget the photo of him in blackface?  Or the private, maskless flight the took with his family to Costa Rica while lecturing the world on global warming?

Trudeau has consistently attacked the liberties of Canadian citizens with draconian COVID policies, his unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act to crack down on protesting middle-class workers, or his sweeping ban on handguns?

Joe Rogan was spot on when he said, “Canada’s communist. They’re f**ked. They’re f**ked. They gotta get rid of that guy.”

While in London for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Daily Caller reports:

Trudeau was caught, seemingly under the influence of alcohol (shame on him), singing a rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a small crowd of spectators while visiting London, England, to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Even if he wasn’t actually drunk, my advice for him is to tell people he absolutely was hammered, car-parked, wankered, and sloshed just so he has an excuse for this performance.



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