Dr. Robert Malone and Other Top Doctors Will Attend American Priority Festival At Trump Doral

The American Priority Festival is celebrating their sixth annual AMPFest at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida next month and this GP journalist has just learned that they have confirmed several of America’s top doctors who stood up to the medical tyranny of the unconstitutional COVID-19 policies from the get go.

AMPFest2022 will take place from October 6th to the 8th. 

In past years, AMPFest has counted America First icons like Roger Stone, Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, journalist Jack Posobiec, actors Kevin Sorbo and Robert Davi, and dozens of other leading voices for free speech and constitutionalism across the United States.

This year, they are placing a heavy focus on the continued controversies surrounding the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, medical freedoms, alternative medicine, transhumanism, and the increase in drug abuse or addictions since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Drew Pinksy will address how the lockdowns and overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shocking rise in drug abuse and alcohol dependency over the past two years. Pinksy is a renowned addiction specialist and internaist who millions of Americans know from his career as a TV show host, commentator, and broadcaster.

Dr. Robert Malone is also being featured at AMPFest2022. Malone, the original inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccination, has been relentless in holding people like Dr. Facui and the CDC accountable for their doublespeak on safety guidelines, alternative COVID-19 treatments, and lockdown measures enforced during the pandemic.

This has made Dr. Malone a top target of the mainstream media and the Biden administration, which has led him to be censored on social media and ostracized by the Covidian obsessed medical community in the United States for refusing to parrot the line of Big Pharma or so-called government health officials.

More recently, through his Substack, Dr. Malone has been addressing transhumanism, which was referenced in a joint report by the UK and Germany. Malone identified how these revelations, among other evidence, showcase the vaccine to transhumanism pipeline around the globe.

“I am excited to speak at the American Priority Festival this year, a conference that is not controlled by or scripted to fit the talking points of the World Economic Forum or other globalist elements.

Our discussion on transhumanism will address the societal, governmental, and political implications that many in America and around the world are currently being effected by,” Dr. Malone told this GP journalist.

GP Co-Founder Jim Hoft recently interviewed Dr. Malone at the “Gateway to Freedom” conference in St. Louis, MO in late August. Dr. Malone worked on the AIDS pandemic and research at UC Davis during the early stages of the pandemic. Dr. Malone witnessed all of the politics that surrounded the handling of infectious diseases.

“My time as a scientist has always been underneath the world that Fauci created. And the ethics of all of this.”

Dr. Robert Malone Opens Up on the COVID Catastrophe, Dr. Tony Fauci, World Economic Forum, The Trusted News Initiative with The Gateway Pundit – MUST-SEE VIDEO

Dr. Dan Stock, a practitioner of functional family medicine rounds out one of the medical panels for AMPFest2022. Stock is the head of the grassroots movement MedicalFreedom4All, which has spread across the globe. Dr. Stock has been adamant about non-vaccine treatments to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, having spent many years prior researching alternative treatments aimed at heart attack or stroke prevention.

Other confirmed speakers this year include journalist and comedian Alex Stein, Congressman Byron Donalds, former Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, journalist Savanah Hernandez, school choice advocate Cory DeAngelis, tech writer Allum Bokhari, and Jason Fyk the founder of the Social Media Freedom Foundation.

Panel discussions include topics like the demise of the dollar, cryptocurrency, the rise of Sovereign America, The Great Reset, the weaponization of the government, and political dysphoria.

“The American Priority Festival is all about championing the ideas of freedom and liberty during a time in the United States where both are under constant attack. We are not only committed to featuring the leading voices of the America First movement, but to also give a space to thousands of activists from across America who are sick of being subjected to the same conversations at the same conferences each year,” said Alex Phillips, founder of AMPFest.

You can learn more about the event by clicking here.


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