Democrat Candidate for GA Governor, Abrams, Supports Abortion “Up Until the Time of Birth”

Democrat Candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams provided yet another example of just how radical she truly is.

The Daily Mail reports:

During a guest appearance on ‘The View‘ on Wednesday, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams – once a pro-lifer raised in a religious home – said she supports abortion ‘until the time of birth’ in some cases.

When asked by the show’s new conservative host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, if she believed there should be any limitation on abortion, Abrams said: ‘Viability is the metric and that if a woman’s health or life is endanger then viability extends until the time of birth.’

Abrams added that abortion is a ‘medical decision not a political one’ and called various state-imposed limitations on the practice ‘arbitrary.’

Abrams, who lost to incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) in 2018, has previously said she was not always in the pro-choice camp; throughout her collegiate career and into law school, Abrams said she did not believe in abortion and criticized a friend who considered having one.

Her views shifted, however, once she began to mull running for office, according to an New York Times profile of Abrams.

She admitted as much on CNN’s State of the Union in August, saying she began to reevaluate her religious upbringing and her pro-life position began to change in college.

In the interview, Abrams says, “I believe that abortion is a medical decision, not a political decision. And arbitrary, politically defined timelines are deeply problematic because they ignore the reality of medical and physiological issues.”

“For example, a six-week ban tells women they have to make reproductive choices before they know they’re pregnant. And that arbitrariness extends into these artificial timelines.”

“What I believe is that it’s a decision that should be made between a woman and her doctor, that viability is the metric, and that if a woman’s health or life is in danger, then viability extends until the time of birth.”

Abrams did not elaborate on the circumstances in which a mother’s life would be at risk at the time of birth that would necessitate the death of the baby.

While Democrats have had high hopes for Abrams in the Georgia governor race, most  polls have Republican incumbent Governor Brian Kemp in the lead.



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