More Videos Show IRS Run Recruitment Program for High School and College Students Called the “Adrian Project” Started During Bush Administration

A group of 18 Stockton University students during recruitment program

On Tuesday,  Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, a $750 billion health care, tax, and climate package, into law at the White House.

“With this law, the American people won and the special interests lost,” Biden said during the signing. “For a while people doubted whether any of that was going to happen, but we are in a season of substance.”

The bill would allocate $369 million for ‘green energy.’

The IRS would also receive $80 billion. The funding would mark a 600 percent increase from 2021 when the bureau received $12.6 billion.

The reconciliation package would also double the current IRS workforce by hiring an additional 87,000 employees to the bureau’s staff of 78,661 employees.

The bill will also add 87,000 new IRS employees to harass and abuse working Americans and their political opponents. These recruits must be willing to carry a firearm and “use deadly force, if necessary.”

The Duties also include “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”

Why else would they need 87,000 new IRS employees while ordering another 750,000 rounds of ammunition on top of the millions of rounds already in their possession?

Hard-working Americans have many reasons for falling behind on their taxes but drawing the attention of militarized “special agents” and preparing for a shootout with them is not typically one of them.

For years, the IRS has been running a recruitment program called the “Adrian Project” during which high school and college students are given tactical vests and fake firearms and instructed to make mock arrests of individuals wanted for tax-related offenses, as reported by American Military News.

During the Bush administration, Adrian College co-sponsored the first-ever seminar conducted by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (IRSCI).

“In 2002, Adrian College hosted the first-ever seminar hosted by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (IRSCI) as a co-sponsor for the event. 2012 marks the ten-year anniversary of what became nationally known as ‘The Adrian Project’. It also marks the conclusion of the program with its final session to be held in the location of its origin March 17, 2012,” according to the news release published last Feb. 12, 2012.

“The training sessions have previously enlisted IRSCI agents in interactive engagement with students interested in pursuing a career with the IRSCI. These exploratory sessions offered a hands-on experience with realistic investigative simulations, such as money laundering, wiretapping, illegal drug busts, and tax evasion investigations. The goal was to increase student awareness of the career options available with the IRS,” Adrian College stated.

“The first time we offered the program, the students and the professors didn’t know what to expect.  At the end of the day, many of the students commented that they had never envisioned such a career path existed,” said Professor Bill Nalepka.

The Adrian Project provides students a glimpse into the career life of an IRS special agent and what a criminal investigation entails, according to the IRS.

“For years, IRS Criminal Investigation field offices have brought the Adrian Project to college and university campuses nationwide. How does it work? Classes participate in a day-long simulation of a mock criminal investigation. The goal is to provide students with a firsthand look at what it’s like for IRS special agents to carry out an investigation, tracking illicit money from the crime to the criminal.” IRS stated.

“Students are “sworn in” as special agents in the morning and wear IRS protective vests, use handcuffs, toy guns and radios to communicate with their counterpart agents on the case. The students sharpen their forensic accounting skills and are introduced to interviewing suspects, conducting surveillance and document analysis. The day ends when the students solve the crime and arrest the mock offender,” the agency added.

This week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) criticized the IRS over the plan to hire 87,000 more agents who will be armed and empowered to conduct criminal investigations and arrests.

Rep. Thomas Massie shared a clip from the IRSCI Adrian Project at Dixie State University (DSU) conducted last April 2022.

“Dixie State University students recently worked with IRS special agents in a mock scenario to gather evidence, arrest, and convict someone of tax evasion as part of the Adrian Project, a hands-on experience that provides students with a glance at the life of an IRS special agent,” according to DSU.

Watch the video below:

On March 2022, a group of 18 Stockton University students and two visiting Ocean City High School students spent the day living the life of an IRS  Special Agent during a special criminal investigation simulation hosted by the IRS Adrian Project at Stockton University’s Atlantic City campus, according to the news release.

More videos from American Military News:

In 2019, both Indiana State University and Walsh College in Michigan hosted the program. The assistant special agent in charge of IRS Criminal Investigation at the time said Project Adrian helps “get the message out” about the IRS’ role in solving crimes.

Watch video:

Rowan University in New Jersey also hosted the program, according to a video posted on YouTube in 2018. In the video, students use fake guns to conduct a mock arrest of a man who committed tax fraud.

Watch video:

In a video featuring the Adrian Project at Stockton University in 2017, students facilitate multiple mock arrests of individuals who have committed tax violations.

Watch video:

In 2016, Purdue University, Northern Illinois University and University of Mary hosted the Adrian Project.

Watch video:

Rider University hosted the Adrian Project in 2011, in what one woman called “such a great opportunity for the students.”

Watch video:

In 2010, the Metropolitan University of Denver hosted an Adrian Project demonstration.

Watch video:

The IRS’ criminal division has been running the Adrian Project at universities since at least 2007, when agents visited University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Watch the video:

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that IRS Criminal Investigation special agents could be seen in the 2021 annual report of the Internal Revenue Service conducting a variety of deadly force exercises. The agents are trained to shoot and kill you over your government taxes. The training exercises include building entry, the use of weapons, defensive tactics, and others.

OAKLAND FIELD OFFICE: Special agents and professional staff participate in building entry, active shooter, and weaponless tactics at the Tactical Village in Sacramento, Calif.
IRS:CI Training 2021 IRS Annual Report
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