VIDEO: Drew Hernandez Attacked, Thrown Out Of Democratic Event After Confronting AZ Dem Nominee Katie Hobbs On Her Racist Past

Conservative Latino reporter Drew Hernandez was assaulted and aggressively thrown out of a Democratic event Saturday night after he confronted Racist Democrat Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs over her history of racial discrimination.

The event was titled “Unidos Por Arizona,” or Unite For Arizona, and it featured liberal Democratic candidates who seek to further divide the state with liberal policies and hateful rhetoric.

Katie Hobbs’ past tweets prove that she is not interested in unifying the State.

In addition to this, Katie Hobbs is a twice-convicted racist.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Hobbs was convicted by two separate juries of racism against a black former Democratic staffer in the State Senate, costing Arizona taxpayers $2.75 million in restitution. Hobbs refused to pay a black female staffer an equal wage as her white counterparts and then fired her when a complaint was raised. A jury concluded that the former employee, Talonya Adams, was paid less because of her status as a black woman.

Adams later called for Katie Hobbs to resign from office and drop out of the race for Secretary of State.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Requests Evidence Of Fraud from AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

This is why Katie’s nickname on Twitter is KKKatie Hobbs.

Drew Hernandez confronted Hobbs saying, “what about you, Katie? What about discriminating against black people?”

Katie refused to answer the questions.

The pro-racism Democrats repeatedly chanted “Katie” as Hernandez continued saying, “We know what you did, Katie. You discriminated against black people. Why don’t you tell the people what you did? You have been a convicted racist, Katie.”

They are the party of Jim Crow and racism, after all.

Hernandez trolled the racist Democrats for “kicking out a person of color” and told someone, “check your white privilege, buddy.”

He peacefully left the building after being manhandled by white liberals, saying, “Katie is a racist!”

The Post Millenial reported,

The Unite for Arizona rally, advertised as Unidos por Arizona for Spanish speaking Arizonans, featured Katie Hobbs, along with Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, Martin Quezada, Kathy Hoffman, Lauren Kuby and Sandra Kennedy.

Hobbs faces Kari Lake in November. Lake has stated her intention of dealing with Biden’s border crisis by shutting down the flood of illegal migrants across the Arizona border and has vowed to uphold parental rights in education and for medical decisions for their children, among other position.

White liberals are seen getting physical with Drew and shoving him out of the room in the videos below.

Arizona Patriot Anthony DeWitt, also in attendance, caught footage from a different point of view. Hobbs can be heard frantically trying to cover her past when Hernandez first brought up her history of racism.

This is why Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Kari Lake. Lake recently slammed Hobbs, saying she will hold her accountable for her “horrific record” on the debate stage.

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblowers Detail Child Abuse, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Prostitution At Phoenix Sojourner Center Backed By Democratic AZ Governor Nominee Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs refuses to answer for her racist behavior.

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