Victor Davis Hanson ‘The Left Are the Revolutionaries’

Victor Davis Hanson joined Pete Hegseth on ‘Jessie Watters Primetime’ to discuss what is really behind the Left’s belligerent  behavior.

Pete Hegseth:

Tonight we got the right guy to break down where we are. Let’s bring in Victor Davis Hanson, the Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institute.

Victor, we immediately thought of you as the right guy to talk about…when you see the way the left is talking about who we are as a nation.  Who their political opponets are and now what they’re willing to do about it.  It’s scary for people. Can we walk back from this type of precipice?

Victor Davis Hanson:

Yeah, I think we can…but remember the left projects.  So if Christopher Steele draws on sources like Danchenko and Dolan, a Clinton operative, they draw on Russian sources to smear Donald Trump and then they call it Trump collusion. They are talking nonstop about civil war.  They really are. And they do things that are revolutionary.

I mean, nobody on the right said let’s junk the 233-year-old electoral college.  The 180-year- old filibuster.  The 150-year old nine person supreme court. Nobody said let’s bring in two more states and end the idea for 60 years of a 50 year union.

And then when you look at what they have actually done, they have failed at that, but nobody in the Republican party tore up the State of the Union address on national TV like Nancy Pelosi.

No Speaker, not Newt Gingrich, not anybody else, Paul Ryan, they never said you can’t to the minority party ‘You can’t have these people on committees.’  That was a revolutionary thing to do in the House.

Nobody goes outside the homes of Justice Kagan, thank God, or Justice Sotomayor.  There’s not right-wing assassins that show up out there.  And when you look at the literature that’s coming out, if you look at The New Republic, The Nation, these leftwing venues, all you hear is ‘Blue Exit’ and ‘It’s time for secession’…and ‘We can’t live with each other.’

Or if you read Time Magazine, that classic article by Molly Ball in February 2021, where she gushed, she was giddy, outlining what she called was a conspiracy to change radically the voting laws to inject $400-500 million to alter the way we voted for a century so that 70% of the votes would not be cast on election day even as the rejection rate would decline by a magnitude of 7 or 8 of the individual ballots.

These are revolutionary things they are doing.

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