Steve Bannon on Trump Raid: It was a Defilement, a Ransacking – This was a Pre-Coup – He’s Got the Tapes. He Can Go on Offense Now (VIDEO)

The Biden regime released the affidavit today explaining their raid on Mar-a-Lago. The entire document was redacted as expected.

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon weighed in on the latest actions by the lawless Justice Department on Friday night.

Steve Bannon called the raid a “defilement” and a “ransacking,” which it was.

Bannon called on the Trump administration to go on offense and release the security tapes.

Steve Bannon: It’s obviously a massive cover-up that’s going to make Watergate, that’s going to dwarf Watergate. It’s going to dwarf Watergate. Because now you have a national security state that’s turned itself not just on the American people but a President of the United States. We are rapidly going into banana republic territory… He’s got the tapes. He can go on offense now. This Justice Department is so corrupt. We have never seen anything like this. And on the world stage, I was talking to people all day today, they are shocked that this could happen to the United States. This is what happens in third-world countries… It was a defilement. It was a ransacking. And they did this on purpose. This is a pre-coup. And what they want to do is show MAGA that they’re in charge and that no matter what happens this November. No natter what happens on November 8th, they’re in charge.

According to numerous sources, the security cameras a Mar-a-Lago were kept on during the raid and captured the FBI agents with the Biden regime behaving badly.

Via Newsweek.

Eric Trump said that the security cameras at Mar-a-Lago caught FBI agents behaving improperly during Monday’s raid, alleging that investigators were accessing parts of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence that they “shouldn’t have been.”

In an interview with, Eric Trump said that because staff refused to turn off the surveillance cameras at the request of the FBI, the Mar-a-Lago cameras captured agents raiding areas that they weren’t authorized to…

…Eric Trump said that the FBI refused to give Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb, a copy of the search warrant but “showed it to her from about 10 feet away,” reported. He also said he would be “thrilled” to find out if there was a valid reason for the search.

Via The War Room.

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