Robert Kennedy Jr.: It May Be a Very Difficult Year for Dr. Tony Fauci if the GOP Wins the Senate (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed author and intellectual Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Tuesday.

Robert Kennedy Jr. discussed his new book “A Letter to Liberals”. The book challenges the “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of tyrannical policies that were at one time an affront to their cherished precepts.

The book is available on the Children’s Health Defense website.

Robert Kennedy Jr. also shared his thoughts on Dr. Tony Fauci’s announcement on Monday that he will retire in December.

Kennedy wrote the New York Times #1 best seller “The Real Anthony Fauci” that exposed his record of decimating human health and exposes Fauci as a self-serving charlatan.

So it was fitting that we asked Robert about his thoughts on Fauci’s retirement and life after government service.

Robert Kennedy says it may be a very difficult year for Fauci if the GOP wins the Senate!

Jim Hoft: So what do you think of his (Dr. Fauci’s) retirement this week? And do you think he’ll be brought up on charges or brought into the Senate to testify?

Robert Kennedy Jr.: Yeah, I mean, I don’t make predictions, but I think there’s some commonsense stuff that’s happening. A lot of the orthodoxy is starting to crumble. So you have just this data that is now pouring out. You have, in the last couple of weeks, his cohorts, his cronies, Robert Redfield and Rachel from the CDC admitting we made huge mistakes in Deborah Birx, Redfield, who’s been one of his cronies since H.W Bush. Redfield himself is a crooked guy. He was caught lying, just lying, scientific fraud on the HIV vaccines that he invented. And he was being court-martialed for it. And he did this incredibly bold move that I talked about in my book, where he went to Congress. He was supposed to do a mea culpa… But he went and told Congress, I discovered the cure for HIV. Congress said, “We want to give you $20 million.” And the military dropped the charge. So he’s been like a crook from the beginning and Birx was with him on that scheme. And now this week they both turned on him (Fauci) and Walensky… Redfield saying it came from the Wuhan lab and then you have their other buddies… They’re all saying things that show that they’re trying to get out of the splatter before the cherry bomb goes off.

…So it’s highly likely he’s got a lot of soft spots. The Gates Foundation, all of these quasi-governmental organizations that were created by Bill Gates to persuade western nations to take all their foreign policy money and put them into vaccines that are owned by companies that he owned in the third world…. That’s why he bought and purchased, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the Brighton Collaboration, and many others. And Fauci will easily find a landing on a soft seat at one of those places. But the problem is that if the Republicans win in the Senate you’re going to have back-to-back hearings and he’s going to be subpoenaed to all of them. And for the first time he’s going to have to answer questions. Because right now the only person asking questions has been Rand Paul, right? The Democratic chairs of those committees will only give him three minutes.

Jim Hoft: Right.

Robert Kennedy Jr.: It’s very limited what he can ask. But if you get Fauci out there for 3 hours with big piles of papers handing him, he won’t be able to lie anymore. He’ll be able to lie, but he’ll get tied in knots. So he’ll have a choice of either showing up at those hearings or resisting them. If he resists the subpoena, he’s in trouble because he has criminal liability. He’ll probably have his attorney telling him to plead the Fifth, and that’s going to be an optics problem for whoever he goes to work for. I can’t really predict what will happen, but I think it’s going to be very interesting. If the Democrats win, I think he’s in much better shape, but if the Republicans win I think he’s going to have a really rough year.

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