Outrageous! Mother of Ashli Babbitt Turned Away at DC Courthouse Because She Had a Pocket-Sized Photo of Her Deceased Daughter on Her Shirt (VIDEO)

Micki Witthoeft is the mother of January 6 protester Ashli Babbitt who was shot dead that day by US Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd.

Byrd was never punished for murdering Ashli and still walks the halls of Congress armed and ready to kill again.

For the past month Micki has held nightly protests outside the DC Gulag.  She also has attended several of the January 6 defendant’s trials during her stay in Washington DC.

Last week Micki was refused entry into the DC courtroom because she was wearing a T-shirt with a small photo of her dead daughter Ashli on the front.

The police officer told her it was political and would not be allowed inside the courtroom.

It was a photo of her deceased daughter!

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Micki on Tuesday about this latest abuse by the DC authorities.


Micki Witthoeft:  “And when I returned on the second day to Simon’s trial, I was met at the door by the bailiff who said they don’t allow flag banners or T-shirts with political slogans that favor one side or the other, which confused me because it wasn’t a jury trial. It was strictly a bench trial. And my shirt had a picture of my daughter, and it had her date of birth and date of death on it. And they told me I couldn’t come in with that shirt on, so I asked if I could turn it inside out and go inside. So they said I could turn it in inside out and go inside.”

Jim Hoft: So they said that having a picture of your daughter on your T-shirt is a political statement? Was that their argument?

Micki Witthoeft: “Well, yes. They said no political banners, slogans, or t-shirts that favor one side or the other and that I could not come in with the shirt I had on, which was simply a picture of my daughter. And the only thing they had seen was the small picture on the front. They didn’t even see the picture on the back yet, which is really quite large. But I had a small pocket-sized picture of my daughter on the front of my shirt and was turned around at the door, so I turned it inside out.”

Watch the video below:

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