Licensed Texas Attorney and Federally Appointed Immigration Magistrate Timothy Japhet Arrested on Suspicion of Human Smuggling and Resisting Arrest

Source: Constable Jimmy Fullen/Facebook

A Texas-licensed attorney who was also assigned as an immigration magistrate by the federal government, was recently arrested in Kinney County, Texas, on charges of smuggling a human and resisting arrest, according to Officer Constable Jimmy Fullen.

“Timothy Japhet is a lawyer from Texas who has 19 years of experience practicing family law, real estate law, business law, environmental law, divorce, employment law, and consumer law,” Mixed Article reported.

“Timothy attended South Texas College of Law in 1998 and graduated with a law degree in 2003. He became a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2003. The Texas attorney has been associated with Texas State Bar since 2003 and is still a member,” the outlet added.

On his Facebook page, Timothy Japhet posted a statement denying the accusations. Read his statement below:

Last Saturday my dog and I left Corpus early in the am to hit the casino in Eagle Pass and then a client meet at the Casino for breakfast and another client meeting in Del Rio at 2:00 and finally SA by 5 home by 9 pm hopefully rich from the big casino win.

At 1:30 pm or so I was late and stopped off a paved road outside Quemado with nice little houses and let the dog go to the bathroom when green shirt guy walked up and asked for a ride to DR to which I agreed and he and then three, not one, but three guys piled in the back. At this point I lost choice in the matter I believe but I turned back into EP to get gas and the guy said I was going the wrong way to go to DR so I busted a U right in front of the Harley shop on a Saturday afternoon in front of a DPS trooper.

I was gonna need gas by Junction for sure and then we passed about 4 CLEO vehicles of different departments and I waived at a DPS trooper and still no attention….about 90 seconds later they came flying up the road so I pulled over into the grass because there is no shoulder and I’m getting my license out. and this female DPS officer and female sheriffs officer come screaming up each side of my vehicle guns out and yanking me out of the car accusing me of smuggling and yanking the guys sitting them over where you see in the pictures while tearing through the trunk and elsewhere. This is where I made mistake.

I said the douchebag lawyer protest we all hate: “I’m a lawyer and a smuggling charge is ridiculous because they never offered nor did I ask or get money and I stopped for you before you even caught up AND they are in plain site like any normal person would be AND my window was rolled down” that deputy stuck the entirely too big for her hands gun in my face and asked if I was resisting arrest to which I said “nope” and followed all further instructions with aggressive compliance.

Neither one of them needed there firearms we were all so shook up from the yelling but the BP guy rolled up and he was extraordinarily well mannered and I told him what happened. He went through my phone which I completely consented to and looked for some very specific applications, my google travel log I think and my texts and calls which I probably shouldn’t have allowed to potential attorney client information exposure but at the time he said I checked out and told me he wasn’t charging me with anything but the State was a different matter.

He asked a little about how I knew the roads and my practice areas but I have so many citations and warnings all over that area on my record he could see I was a frequent flyer and so he walked off and I figured I was about to get on the road until the tow truck pulled up.

And the person that posted my picture and my bar card, attributed statements that are stupidly untrue and generally make me look like a criminal or human smuggler or worse: Thank you because I had no intention of exposing Operation Lonestar as a program specifically designed for the unconstitutional arrest and subsequent depriving of LONG standing fundamental rights of the offenders who are predominantly poor and black & brown among us here in this very state and what’s is super super super super evil? The Governor is funding this program by taking money away from indigent defense programs one of which I am a volunteer for out of Lubbock Texas assigned to represent people like…….Myself and others detained with.

My God how evil can you possibly be. You not only injure with the offense but double it by depriving of the healing.
So I gave some undocumented guys a ride, got thrown into the Operation Lonestar meat grinder processing center for a few days totally deprived of ANY medical treatment above EMS level, no Mental Health services, No Insulin not Pancreatic insufficiency medications and no safe food, given a phone access code that never works on a phone that is useless then promised a prompt and reasonable bond amount, get bonded at an utterly unreasonable amount by unverified authority figure sitting by the powers vested by no constitutional or legislative mechanism then bussed 100 miles out to the TDCJ fully operational Death Star prison where if you can bond out it is usually 4 full days in GP and if you can not afford the bond then it can be over 4 months or until your trial date (if they indict you which would amount to an attainder at this point) shackled and transported to the hospital twice, shackled and transported back by bus to the detention center for another day, then held as a detainee in the detention center cells until DPS arrives 4-10 hours later post release and there is no lawful authority to restrain you, you have no vehicle because during the initial arrest the arresting officers and tow company tear up your vehicle and stick the only sympathetic member of this journey, the dog, in her own lockdown and when the Lonestar program does let you go they attempt to take away every identifying piece of paper that ties the detainee to the facility from your possession and the crazy part is? There are American Citizens getting their constitutional rights shredded at the exact time we compassionately return these undocumented people back across the river and stick the one guaranteed constitutional rights at birth into a circular system that inevitably leads to the long term incarceration of the offender who in some cases is arrested only because of his gender as the female offender goes undetained unprocessed and unaccountable just like Operation Lonestar and it’s members.

So arrested Saturday at 1:30 pm in full detention by 4:00 pm. Arraigned 9 am Sunday Hospital ER for blood sugar crash lack of insulin hand any good Sunday at 4:00 pm then to TDCJ jail Sunday 9:00 pm, Gen Pop Block J Monday 9:00am, Gen Pop Block T Monday 3:00 pm then Ad Seg Day Room Monday 7:00 pm. Ad Seg 4 Tuesday 9:00 am. Frio Med ER Wed 4:00 am Blood Sugar 17, BP 55/17, Temp 92 then Ad Seg 4 Wed 9:00 am, back for full detention Friday 9:00 am and release 5:00 pm on the street. So use my name and picture even though I look silly after having large guns pointed at me by screaming Latina police officers.

This was not my scheduled Sunday morning and I certainly had no intention of even giving the information I did as there is more. I certainly think timing is just as important as thoroughness but the true poster without thinking through the potential consequences thought it would be a cute funny and clever way to undermine another person’s character and some of my friends have asked for and now your post has required my response.

Dignity is not given by the law who is herself a jealous mistress for which I took an oath to protect, respect and will owe well measured amends for my week long detention. Dignity is bestowed on us when we are born into this world as children of God as you may understand him.

Timothy published a post that included a photo of one of the illegal immigrants with the caption, “Explanation next.” He said, “This guy and the other two who look kinda confused spoke no English but the next guy spoke better than I do.”

One user asked him if it was a setup. Timothy responded saying, “no it was just a sweep on a Saturday and getting pulled over was better than ending up much worse later on.”

Another user commented on his post, “Wait… I am missing something here. Are you an appointed immigration magistrate? If so you were just giving a carload of undocumented migrants a ride?”

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