Joe Biden Needs Dr. Jill’s Help to Put On His Own Jacket (VIDEO)

Dr. Jill to the rescue.

Joe Biden on Monday needed Jill Biden’s help to put on his own jacket.

This is elder abuse.

Joe Biden struggled to put his jacket on after he exited Marine One in Lexington, Kentucky.

After 15 seconds of struggling to put on his own clothes, Dr. Jill had to intervene.

Then Biden’s sunglasses fell off his head.

Jill looked embarrassed as she walked away.

Our enemies are laughing at us.


This is Joe Biden’s first day out at a public event since his two-week Covid isolation and so far it hasn’t gone so well.

Biden fondled young girls and sniffed a woman’s hair as he visited families that were impacted by the Kentucky floods.

Joe Biden was sweating profusely as he delivered remarks next to Governor Beshear.

Biden seemed disoriented as he mumbled about tornadoes and controlling the weather.

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