Comedian Rob Schneider Explains What Went Wrong With His Old Show ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live veteran Rob Schneider did an interview with Blaze Media CEO Glenn Beck. During the interview, he discussed his displeasure with the state of  Saturday Night Live.

The Blaze reported:

Rob Schneider is a comedy legend, with a career spanning “Saturday Night Live,” films like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and “The Benchwarmers,” and a stand-up act that’s still going strong. But perhaps one of the most courageous things he’s ever done was admitting to the world that he’s not a woke leftist.

Schneider joined “The Glenn Beck Podcast” to tell his story, including how listening to Glenn helped him go from a Hollywood liberal to a conservative who would rather be ostracized than stay silent. He also detailed the sad state of comedy in the woke era, how SNL changed since he left, and the moment he knew his “old show” was officially “over.”

He said he knew it was “over” after a segment they did after the 2016 election. The segment showed Kate McKinnon dressed as Hillary Clinton singing Hallelujah during the cold open.

“I hate to crap on my old show, I hate to crap on my old show but when I saw, when Hillary Clinton lost…which is understandable that she would lose. Not exactly the most likable person in the room. And then when Kate McKinnon went out there on Saturday Night Live on the Cold Open dressed as Hillary Clinton and starts playing Hallelujah and I said I mean I literally prayed please have a joke at the end. Please don’t go down there and there was no joke at the end. And I  went it’s over.”

Full Clip:

He’s right!

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