Baltimore’s Top Prosecutor Held In Contempt Of Court

Another radical left prosecutor got caught breaking the rules.

Baltimore’s top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was just held in contempt of court — for violating a gag order in a high-profile murder case.

The case is surrounding the 2015 shooting death of Kevin Jones. Prosecutors have unsuccessfully tried Keith Davis Jr. four separate times. Davis claims innocence.

Mosby responded to an Instagram post on the topic – she said, “You really shouldn’t believe everything you read.”

Circuit Judge John Nugent called the comment “a willful violation of this court’s gag order.”

Mosby must pay a fine of $1,500 or accept a new restrictive gag order for the next 90 days.

From WTOP:

A judge held Baltimore’s top prosecutor in contempt of court on Friday, finding that she willfully violated a gag order with an Instagram comment about a high-profile murder case involving a defendant set to be tried a fifth time.

Circuit Judge John Nugent fined city State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby $1,500, but ruled that she can avoid paying the fine by following an even more restrictive gag order about the case for the next 90 days, The Daily Record reported.

After an Instagram account posted a video asserting Davis’s innocence and a user commented that Mosby had lost her vote in the July 19 Democratic primary for Baltimore state’s attorney, Mosby responded: “You really shouldn’t believe everything you read.”

Mosby recently lost the Democrat primary for re-election.

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