Arizona Democrats REFUSE To Debate Trump-Endorsed Candidates: Senator Mark Kelly Has Not Responded To Debate Challenge from Blake Masters – Response Due FRIDAY

Kari Lake (left) Blake Masters (right)

Democrats Mark Kelly and Katie Hobbs running for statewide office in Arizona, are refusing to participate in the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections debate against their Trump-Endorsed Republican competitors.

They are too scared to come out of the basement and defend their records.

Because of this, the moderators have demanded a response from both candidates by Friday. Trump-Endorsed Senate candidate Blake Masters and Trump-Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake have already agreed to the debate with no requested rule changes.

These are the only debates scheduled to be broadcasted live over dozens of local TV and radio stations. They are also expected to reach millions of viewers on PBS’s website.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Democratic Nominee for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

Lake shredded her in a recent video message, offering a new format where Hobbs is allowed to choose the time, place, and debate questions, but she still has not accepted.

“We will be seeking changes to the format to ensure that Arizona voters get a robust policy debate based on fact, instead of regurgitated lies about the 2020 election,” said a spokesman for Katie Hobbs.

According to an email to the debate moderators, Senate candidate Mark Kelly’s consultants are also complaining about the debate format “after seeing [the] recent Republican gubernatorial debate.”

Kelly is running for reelection to the US Senate, not Governor. Regardless, why can’t the Democrats have a debate without changing the rules?  

They are both terrified of talking about Arizona’s 2020 election, which the Maricopa County audit proved to be stolen.

Or are they scared that the Republicans will expose their horrendous records and agendas?

The Arizona Republican Party recently attributed Mark Kelly’s fear to his record of voting for Joe Biden’s policies almost 100% of the time.

Blake Masters agreed to the challenge with no objection nearly two weeks ago, on August 18.

Days later, he knocked Mark Kelly for his awful voting record and refusal to accept the debate challenge. Mark Kelly has voted for Joe Biden’s radical agenda 94% of his time in office.

These include votes against border security and for ending Title 42, a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border in order to protect public health.

On Saturday, Masters tweeted a video slamming Mark Kelly for refusing to debate and supporting Biden’s America Last agenda that is now destroying our country.

Masters: Question of the day: Why won’t Arizona Democrats agree to debate? Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Kari Lake. I wonder why that is. And Mark Kelly hasn’t agreed to debate me. I guess Mark Kelly’s team apparently they’re complaining about the format. “Oh, the format is unfair.” Mark the format is you and me onstage, taking questions from PBS. How complicated is that? You know, I’ve also agreed to a debate hosted by CNN. This is not exactly neutral moderators. I’m willing to play an away game. Where are you guys? I think Mark Kelly is hiding; I think he hides because his voting record is indefensible. He votes for Biden’s failed agenda every single time. And so because of Mark Kelly, In the Senate, you’ve got the price of everything you need to live; it’s going up and up. You’ve got crime going up and up. You’ve got American teenagers dying from fentanyl, and women and children are being raped and trafficked by drug cartels because Mark Kelly lets it happen. So with a record like that, I guess you can kind of see why he doesn’t want to debate.

Masters tweeted again last night, calling Katie Hobbs and Mark Kelly out.

Nothing from Mark Kelly yet. Word is he’s waiting to see what Katie Hobbs does before he agrees to a debate.

What are the Democrats so afraid of?

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