Woman Seeking Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend Sets Fire to Wrong Home

Hell hath no fury…

A North Carolina woman allegedly seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend set fire to the wrong home.

According to reports, the Rowan County Sheriff’s office is investigating after 49-year-old Christie Louise Jones put bundles of wood on the porch of a home and tried to light the house of fire.

A neighbor spotted the woman trying to start a fire at 7 am last Friday and alerted the homeowner to her activities.

The homeowner tried to put the fire out with a garden hose, but Jones used Flex Seal to block the flow of the water, WBTV reported.

The homeowner then grabbed his rifle and confronted Jones as she stood on the sidewalk mumbling.

A witness who recognized Jones told police that the woman’s ex-boyfriend owned a home in the area and believed she may have accidentally targeted the wrong house.

“Deputies went to the house where Jones lived and talked with her. They charged her with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of an animal. The bond was set at $101,500. More charges are possible in this case.” WBTV reported.

More from WBTV reported:

A woman who may have been trying to send a message to an ex-boyfriend apparently targeted the wrong house in an arson case being investigated by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the report, a homeowner in Gold Hill was awakened at approximately 7 a.m. on Friday by a neighbor who spotted a woman apparently trying to set fire to the house. There were bundles of wood and a fire on the front porch and deputies later located a jug of bar and chain oil that they say was used to light and spread the fire.

The homeowner came outside and tried to get water on the fire. When he came out, he noticed a woman standing near a blue car that was blocking the driveway. The woman was later identified by deputies as Christie Louise Jones, 49, of Richfield in Stanly County.

Deputies say the homeowner went to get the garden hose and then noticed that pieces of wood placed around a propane tank were on fire. The homeowner’s garden hose didn’t work because Jones allegedly used Flex Seal to try and seal off the water.

The homeowner then grabbed a rifle and confronted the woman. According to the report, Jones did not have much to say and “just mumbled.” Jones was also reportedly holding one of the homeowner’s dogs on a leash.

Deputies say a cut was discovered on the homeowner’s above-ground pool.

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