WaPo Columnist Warns Democrats About Latino Voters Switching To GOP In Critical Swing State

The midterms are looking even worse for Democrats.

Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen issued a warning to Nevada Democrats about Latino voters switching to the GOP.

He said Democrats’ policies are driving the shift.

Fox News reported:

“It’s usually a bad idea to bet against the house, and Clark County Democrats are Nevada’s political house,” Olsen explained in a July 27 op-ed. “But Lady Luck has a wandering eye. If Latinos move rightward enough, the GOP stands ready to count its winnings and break the Democrats’ bank.”

“There’s also reason to think that a voter backlash over the economy will be stronger in Clark County than elsewhere, hurting Democrats with working-class Latinos. The Las Vegas economy heavily depends on tourism because of its world-famous casinos. They were hammered during the pandemic due to closures, capacity limitations and reduced airline travel,” he wrote.

“National polls suggest that Latinos are moving sharply away from the Democratic Party. If that plays out in the midterms, it’s likely no place will be impacted more than here in Nevada’s fastest-growing metropolitan area. And that could wipe out much of the advantage Democrats have built in this blue-trending state,” he wrote. “National polls suggest Democratic support with Latinos is plummeting. President Biden’s job approval ratings with Hispanics are low, with the most recent Politico/Morning Consult poll finding only 47 percent approve of his performance.”

Nevada is a key state for 2022 and 2024.

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