UPDATE: ‘The View’ Apologizes To Turning Point USA Over Defamatory Statements After #SUETHEVIEW Trends Nationwide On Twitter (VIDEO)

The View has issued an apology to the Turning Point USA organization after lying about the group and claiming they embraced neo-nazis on live television.

Last weekend, alleged “neo-nazi” protestors attempted to disrupt the 2022 Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida but were confronted and removed from the event.

The rabid leftist hosts of the view used this as an opportunity to smear the conservative nonprofit organization, claiming that the “neo-nazis” were let into the event and “embraced” by Turning Point.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that #SueTheView was trending on Twitter after Turning Point USA sent cease and desist letters to ABC News and demanded an apology.

BREAKING: #SUETHEVIEW Trends NATIONWIDE After Turning Point USA Issues Cease And Desist Letters to ABC News Calling on Them to “Retract The Defamatory Statements” (VIDEO)

Charlie Kirk pointed out that Whoopi Goldberg, the main accuser, stayed silent throughout the entire apology.

Turning Point USA shared the clip on Twitter, commenting,

UPDATE: The View has issued yet another formal correction to TPUSA and its students LIVE on air. The apology was issued by Sara Haines.

Whoopi remained silent and has not retracted her comments that TPUSA “metaphorically” embraced “Nazis.”

Co-host Sara Haines delivered the following statement live on the air.

Haines: So on Monday, we talked about the fact that there were openly neo-Nazi demonstrators outside the Florida Student Action summit of the Turning Point USA group. We want to make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by Turning Point USA. A Turning Point USA spokesman said the group ‘100% condemns those ideologies,’ and said ‘Turning Point USA security tried to remove the Neo-Nazis from the area but could not because they were on public property.’ Also, Turning Point USA wanted to clarify, wanted us to clarify that this was a Turning Point USA summit and not a Republican party event. So we apologize for anything we said that may have been unclear on these points.

The Post Millenial reported,

Human Events Daily host and Turning Point USA contributor Jack Posobiec called “The View’s” actions “textbook” defamation.
“I was standing outside when this incident happened,” he added. “TPUSA attendees confronted the agitators.”

On his show, Tim Pool pointed out that the demonstrators were nothing but “weirdos waving flags outside the event.”
“Freshly unfolded flags,” his producer Lydia added.

This “apology” does not undo the damage of falsely labeling young conservative activists neo-Nazis.


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