Ted Cruz Finds Child’s Wristband at Border, Explains Role in ‘Barbaric’ Cartel Scheme Enabled by Biden

Colored wristbands seen on the arms of illegal migrants at our southern border may have a dark meaning that most outside of the cartels’ influence don’t know about.

In a Friday video, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made a midnight visit to the Rio Grande to review the ongoing migrant crisis left virtually unchecked by President Joe Biden and his administration.

While watching border security desperately try to stem the tide of people illegally entering the U.S., Cruz made a horrifying find by the river.

“Down by the river, in just a few minutes, these are the wristbands I found,” Cruz said while holding up a fistful of the tattered scraps.

“A white wristband, blue wristband, white, a pink and a yellow,” Cruz counted out before coming to a horrifying find.

“Look at the yellow wristband,” the senator continued, holding up a tiny band. “That obviously was around the arm of a child, a young child.”

Cruz explained that the colors of the bands are used by the different cartels to determine which of their human cargo is fully paid up and which still owes a debt to the narco-terrorists.

“This is not compassionate. This is not humane,” Cruz said. “This is barbaric.”



The permeable border enabled by Biden only encourages illicit business and the traffickers who exploit the chaos in our immigration system.

With oversight of this black market virtually nonexistent, human cargo caught in the network is often trafficked for sex or made to do mule work for the cartels.

These narcos use the money from their brutal underground economy to tighten the stranglehold they have on Mexico and Central America.

Former President Donald Trump once floated treating the cartels as enemy militants and bombarding their hideouts with American ordinance.

Cruz followed up his visit with a public meeting addressing the horrors running rampant at the border.

Putting the blame on Democrats and their loose border security, Cruz highlighted that human lives are being lost while traffickers move their cargo through our country.

“Where are the Democrat senators? They’re not here because you can’t look at the dead bodies of the children being assaulted, at the chaos — you can’t look at it and defend it,” Cruz said.

“It is wrong, and it is immoral.”

Until this crisis is handled, color-coded human cargo is only the beginning of the horrors we will see.

The chaos at the border is unfair to Americans, cruel to immigrants and a boon for the cartels. How long will the Democrats let this continue?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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