Steven Bannon Takes On PBS Reporter: “The Backbone Of The US Has Always Been Working Class And Middle Class People”

Steve Bannon clashed with PBS host Margaret Hoover during an episode of  Firing Line.

Bannon defended the middle class and family unit saying they are the “backbone” of America.

Hoover claimed his ideas were “nostalgic” and said it is “backward-looking” to want manufacturing at the base of the American economy.

Watch Steve Bannon’s response:

From the video:

The backbone of the United States of America has always been working-class and middle-class people. What we have to do is have a party that understands their needs, that particularly understands the ability of wages.

I’m a protectionist. I believe you have to have a strong manufacturing base and working-class people, middle-class people. I’m gonna tell ya there is going to come a point in time  that the family unit that I was so blessed to come up with a mother that could stay at home with her five kids and a father who could work a blue-collar job as a foreman and pay for Catholic school that days ahead of us.

That’s all policy…One of the problems we have with family formation is that these economic policies has really let the world unfairly compete. Remember, here is the thing with millennials, they are like 19th-century Russian serfs, they are in better shape, they have more information, they are better dressed, but they don’t own anything.”

Are liberal reporters blind to what’s happening?

Or do they see it — and just spouting propaganda?

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