REPORT: Laura Loomer’s Primary Opponent Skips Debate So Loomer Debates Empty Suit on Stage

Yesterday, the far-left Central Florida newspaper Orlando Sentinel published a feature on the Republican primary contest between investigative journalist Laura Loomer and career politician Daniel Webster in Florida’s 11th congressional district. As per usual, the mainstream media rag castigated Loomer as “far right” and a spreader of “conspiracy theories,” while pointing to Webster’s over four decades in elected office as some sort of compliment.

Webster is the very definition of a career politician in the sense of people like dementia ridden Joe Biden and so many others in both political parties who have created a career of maintaining elected office while accomplishing little for the taxpayers they proclaim to serve. Before beginning his time in the United States House, Daniel Webster was elected to the Florida House in 1979 and subsequently was elected to the Florida Senate, where he remained until he was barred from running for another term due to term limits in 2008.

This journalist recently reported on how Webster routinely raised taxes while he was in the Florida House and Senate, mainly in helping pass costly transportation projects that would eventually run out of money, to which Webster responded by supporting hundreds of millions of dollars in toll increases on Florida’s highways. He even entertained the idea of leasing major roadways and highways to Islamic business interests in the Middle East.

Dan Webster Backed Plan To Sell Florida Roadways To Islamic Foreigners

In the United States House, Congressman Webster has been the 7th most absent member of Congress during roll call votes, at a rate of 5.5%, with the median average being 2.1%, according to watchdog group GovTrack.

During her campaign against Webster, Loomer has drawn attention to Webster’s problem with showing up for votes, most specifically the vote on whether or not to establish the sham January 6th Committee which continues to harass Trump supporters in their poorly watched hearings that continue to disseminate their deranged dishonest dribble to the fake news media that gladly republish their propagandistic musings.

He also failed to vote on the second phony impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Even worse for Webster, when he does show up to vote, he supports questionable America Last legislation like sending $40bn to Ukraine. Congressman Daniel Webster also fails to acknowledge the fact that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

Since the start of her campaign, Loomer has labeled the 73 year old Congressman as “Do Nothing Dan,” often pointing to his declining health.

This journalist has previously addressed how Webster’s declining health and absenteeism has likely lead to his Never Trump campaign consultant Kirsten Dougherty Borman, who is the chief consultant to Liz Cheney ally Peter Meijer of Michigan, who is a member of the Never Trump coterie of globalist Republicans in the United States House.

REPORT: Dan Webster’s Top Advisor Gets Big League Money From Never Trump & Pro Cheney Republicans

When both Loomer and Webster were asked about their stance on immigration, Loomer called for a 10-year ban on all immigration into the United States and immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants, while Webster claimed that such measures were “not realistic.” 

Loomer has consistently outraised Webster in every quarter since mounting a campaign, currently having collected $665,000, over a $100,000 more than the career politician, despite the fact that he counts the support of weak House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the National Republican Congressional Committee which Loomer confronted several months ago at their swanky elitist annual gathering in South Florida.

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At a recent debate in the Central Florida district, Congressman Daniel Webster failed to post at the event hosted by Villagers for Trump, instead sending his supporters, which included some of his campaign and congressional staff to hand out a nasty pamphlet about his opponent Laura Loomer. This did not stop the firebrand investigative journalist from placing an empty suit on stage where Webster was supposed to be seated and call him out for his lackluster job performance, which was reported on by the Villages News.

No-show Webster mocked by primary challenger at Villagers for Trump forum

Laura Loomer is endorsed by longtime Trump allies like Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn, while Webster has managed to get a handful of endorsements by local political cronies, who like him, have been in elected office for WAY TOO LONG.

Stone said told this GP journalist that Webster is no longer fit to serve and called on his family to have him committed to a mental institution.

“Dan Webster is deeply mentally ill. His family has an obligation to have him committed to a mental institution and to force his resignation from the Congress. People in his district must protest him in public to demand his resignation. He is a disgrace, who is no longer fit to serve to serve,” concluded Stone.

Webster and Loomer are set to face off in Florida’s August 23rd GOP primary. You can support her campaign by clicking here.

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