“Do You Guys Call Joe Biden ‘The Big Guy’ at the Department of Justice?” – Matt Gaetz GRILLS Senior DOJ Official About Whistleblower Allegations That FBI Covered Up Hunter Biden’s Crimes – (VIDEO)

This week, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley blew the lid off of the Hunter Biden saga when he exposed a number of senior FBI personnel who, by whistleblower accounts, are alleged to have egregiously abused their law enforcement powers in order to cover up Hunter Biden’s criminal enterprise.

According to a letter Grassley penned to the DOJ on Monday, whistleblowers from within the agency alleged that a group of high-ranking FBI officials used their vast array of capabilities to push “Russian disinformation” propaganda in hopes of ‘correcting’ the narrative and burying Hunter’s crimes.

Considering the fact that Hunter Biden was taking money directly from America’s greatest adversaries (China, Russia, etc.), the stunning revelations – if true – should amount to treason at the very least.

Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley Drops a bomb on the FBI and DOJ

Following Grassley’s reveal, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) found a chance to demand some answers from senior officials within the Department of Justice when they appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

In light of the damning new whistleblower evidence, Gaetz grilled the head of Biden’s National Security Division – Matthew G. Olson – about how Hunter Biden and his criminal escapades are nothing short of a massive “National Security threat.”

However, Olson refused to admit that was the case, claiming that he does not comment on whether or not specific individuals would qualify under that distinction.

After shamelessly trying to dodge a simple question, Olson begins the runaround.

Gaetz: “Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?”

Olson: “That’s not a question that would come up before me.”

Gaetz: “You’re the head of the national security division, so it seems sort of on the nose.”

Olson: “It’s not in my practice or experience to identify individuals and label any individuals or American citizen a national security threat.”

Gaetz: “Well you would certainly concede that if the adult offspring of the President of the United States or the Vice President were compromised- that would be a notional security threat. Right?”

Olson: “We speak through our filings in court… um… and we speak through our actions in open court.”

After getting nowhere with this line of questioning, Gaetz presses Olson about the DOJ’s knowledge of, and potential involvement in, the FBI’s alleged cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Unsurprisingly, the defiant senior official stonewalled Gaetz, refusing to answer by invoking his right to not comment on a “potential ongoing investigation,” even when confronted with specific examples of Hunter’s crimes.

Olson also refused to comment on whether or not the DOJ still had possession of the laptop.

In other words, the whistleblower account seems more accurate by the second as Olson provides a perfect example of the Feds continuing to cover for the Biden Crime Family.

Fed up with the senior spook’s lack of cooperation, Gaetz asks what only seems obvious at this point: “Do you guys [also] call Joe Biden ‘The Big Guy’ at the Department of Justice?”



The walls are closing in now that whistleblowers are breaking ranks to come forward. All we need now is some serious people back in charge to bring the Biden Crime Family and its degenerate crackhead bagman down for good.


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