Bruce Springsteen Fans Shocked to Learn The Boss is a Greedy Capitalist Pig as ‘Verified Fan’ Pre-Sale Tickets for US Tour Sell for Thousands of Dollars

Tickets for shows on the first leg of leftist Democrat activist and fake working man hero Bruce Springsteen’s 2023 U.S. tour with the E Street Band went on pre-sale Wednesday to so-called ‘Verified Fans’ via Ticketmaster with prices in the thousands of dollars, shocking fans who have taken as an article of faith that The Boss fights to keep ticket prices low. Tickets for shows in Tampa, Orlando and Hollywood, Florida went on sale Wednesday, as well for shows in Boston, Denver and Tulsa.

Springsteen’s gouging of his fans follows his sale of his music catalog to Sony for a reported $500 million last December.

Looks like Bruce agree with his pal Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright, as read by Obama in the audio version of Dreams of My Father, “White folks’ greed runs a world in need.”

Springsteen on Tuesday, “The first wave of US tickets are on sale tomorrow at 10AM local time! Fans who receive a unique access code through Ticketmaster Verified Fan will be eligible to purchase tickets, and a General On-sale will start at 3PM local time for all remaining tickets – no code required.”

Fan, “Was excited to get tickets today as a verified fan then I saw the prices $5000 for the floor and $1100 for nose bleed seats and was floored. Never felt like I would get a Fuck You my fans from The Boss.”

The ‘Verified Fan’ program was allegedly initiated to protect fans from scalpers.

Instead fans felt scalped by Ticketmaster and Springsteen as ‘dynamic pricing’ was used to set prices and Springsteen’s traditional general admission for the entire floor of arena shows was chopped to just the first third of the floor in front of the stage to allow for exorbitant prices of floor seats for the other two thirds.

One part of the sky high pricing is that Springsteen is mostly playing one show per city with hardly any gaps for a second show on the schedule. It is a travel intensive schedule with alternating days of ‘show-travel-show-travel’ for the two-and-a-half months of the tour.

Springsteen has been silent on the matter, probably too busy counting his riches. However E Street Band guitarist Stevie Van Zandt washed his hands of the ticket pricing scandal, “I have nothing whatsoever to do with the price of tickets. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Bubkis. Dick.” No doubt Stevie will be cashing those show checks next year, though.

Fans aren’t buying it, “Sorry, Steve. I love you but you’re part of it. You might not be driving the car but you’re riding in the back seat. Been loving you guys since 1978 + I’m so disappointed. But I refuse to pay $3K a ticket. That’s ridiculous. This will be the first tour I’ve missed since 1988.”

(Face value) “$775 for an upper level seat at the other end of the arena…in Orlando… is a disgrace! Yes, you don’t have to go, but still… be priced out of the party….after years of very disappointing. Go along, to get along…. I guess.”

One fan posted a photo of a ticket from Springsteen’s legendary Born in the U.S.A. tour in 1984 with a price of $12.50, noting, “I’m old enough to to (sic) remember paying normal prices for concert tickets”

More outrage from shocked fans, some of whom just can’t believe that Springsteen is in on the pricing.

“I have to believe that Bruce #Springsteen had no idea #Ticketmaster Verified Fan pricing would be allowed to shoot up like THIS during the PRE-sale phase.” ($3650 plus fees for one floor seat.)

Others are hip to the scam, “Hey @springsteen do you have any shame or embarrassment being part of @Ticketmaster verified fan rigged auction system? You @springsteen tarnished your legacy this week, will you be explaining to your fans how you can reconcile the price gouging that has occurred in your name?”

“Bruce, you are greedy AF. Thought the point of the verified fan system was to get fans tickets at face value — not jacking up tickets to scalper prices. You going to take your “working, every man” act on the road again with a straight face? Sell out.

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