Another Fail: Latest Jan 6th Hearing Flops In The Ratings

The January 6th committee just got more bad news.

According to Nielsen figures, their latest primetime hearing brought in only an estimated 17.7 million viewers – this is 11% lower than their first hearing.  That hearing brought in less than a normal night for the networks.

Deadline reported:

The January 6th Committee’s primetime hearing drew an estimated 17.7 million viewers, an 11% dropoff from the 20 million who watched the committee’s last nighttime event in June.

The figures from Nielsen are across 10 networks. The committee’s June 9 hearing, kicking off its series, drew about 20 million on 11 networks.

Nielsen said that each of the eight hearings averaged 13.1 million, while the two primetime hearings averaged 18.9 million. The daytime hearings averaged 11.2 million.

Here’s a fair assessment of the status of the hearings:

To make matters worse for the “unselect” committee, polls show Americans care much more about inflation than these hearings.

Red State reported:

Moreover, the polls have shown that most Americans are far more concerned about things like inflation; they’re just not showing interest. Moreover, the polls also show that Americans believe the proceedings are biased and that Democrats should be concentrating on other things–like the economy. Americans get it, and they know what the Democrats are about here.

Have the ratings gotten any better for the Democrats’ Stalinist show trial, after Cassidy Hutchinson, cliffhangers, and headhunting attempts on Donald Trump? Well, in short, no.

The Deep State’s newest witch hunt is failing. 

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