Republican Hispanic Candidate Surges In Texas — Could Be First House Seat Flip Of The Year

Nancy Pelosi’s majority is set to get even smaller.

Republicans are on pace to flip a Texas House seat in an upcoming special election.

The election comes after Dem Rep Filemon Vela retired.

Politico reported:

Democrats already had a South Texas problem — and it’s on the verge of getting worse.

Republicans are well-positioned to flip former Rep. Filemon Vela’s (D-Texas) seat in a special election this summer, a victory that will further reduce Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s already miniscule majority and send a jolt of momentum through the GOP’s bid to turn the entire Rio Grande Valley red in the midterms.

There are two Republicans and two Democrats running in the race.

The GOP frontrunner is Mayra Flores who is currently surging.

Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, who represents the adjacent district, said he is “very concerned” Democrats will lose the seat.

Breitbart reported:

Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez — who currently represents an adjacent district but will be running for Vela’s old seat in November — said he is “very concerned,” adding, “If we don’t keep the seat blue on June 14… it will be a tragedy. It really will be a self-inflicted tragedy.”

“The Republicans are all in, and they have invested heavily in the district. And this election will certainly test the commitment of the DCCC to the Rio Grande Valley, to South Texas, and to Latino districts in this country,” Gonzalez added.

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