POWERFUL: Black Congressional Candidate Calls Out Dems — “The Party Of The KKK And Jim Crow”

Dr. Willie J. Montague is running for Congress in Florida’s 10 district – he hopes to flip it from blue to red.

Willie released a campaign video blasting Democrats calling them “the party of the KKK and Jim Crow.”

Montague says he believes in putting an “end to Biden’s disastrous economy” and blasted “racist critical theories” and “radical gender ideologies” that are being pushed by Democrats.

In the video, he says:

“The Democrats, the party of the KKK, and Jim Crow have been promising the black community things for decades and where has it gotten us? Seems to me just more division and hate.”


Montague has fought against lockdowns and forced vaccinations for America’s first responders.

Montague has already gotten big endorsements from General Michael Flynn and Kimberley Klacik.

Central Florida Post reported: 

Enter Pastor Willie Montague, who competed in the GOP primary to face Congresswoman Val Demings in 2020, falling just short of clinching the nomination. Unlike Demings, Montague has a servant’s heart and decades of work in the community to prove it.

Thus far he has run an aggressive campaign, appearing at dozens of rallies and helping lead protests over the unconstitutional pandemic lockdowns, restrictions, and forced vaccinations of our first responders.

And he is getting major backing from some of the biggest names in the America First movement. He was recently endorsed by General Michael Flynn and fellow African-American America First activist Kimberley Klacik.

The GOP primary for the seat will be held on August 23rd, 2022. 

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