Philadelphia: Wild Gunfire in Neighborhood Caught on Ring Camera; Two Killed, Two Wounded

Dozens of gunshots erupted in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Point Breeze last Thursday, scattering terrified people in the middle of a normal evening, killing two and wounding two. The sights and sounds of the shooting were captured on a Ring surveillance camera. People can be seen and heard screaming, running, falling and crying out after being shot.

People run while bent low trying avoid gunfire.

WCAU-TV report on the gunfire (excerpt):

Video obtained by NBC10 shows the chaos on a South Philadelphia street after a deadly shootout sent neighbors running for cover last Thursday night.

Philadelphia police said two men were killed and two others were injured in the gunfire on the 1200 block of South Bucknell Street. At least 30 shots were fired in what investigators are calling a “massive” shootout in the Grays Ferry neighborhood.

Police said they’re looking for four people who were involved in the deadly violence.

The video, obtained by NBC10 from police sources, shows the moments after three men drove up the block and began shooting. The Ring doorbell camera captured bullets flying through the street, neighbors running, and a man scrambling to hide underneath a car.

…Police are looking for four suspected shooters and a 2015 or 2017 silver Hyundai Sonata. Investigators said they believe the gunmen came to the block to kill Hargust and Jackson.

As of Monday afternoon, at least 251 people had been killed in Philadelphia, according to police. That’s down 6% from last year, which wound up the deadliest on record.

More from WPVI-TV (excerpt):

Police believe at least one of the shooting victims fired a weapon.

“It appears that all four individuals were targeted. Of those four, we know at least one was in possession of a gun – possibly more, however,” said Philadelphia Police Inspector D.F. Pace.

“We know that a silver or gray vehicle left the scene. We believe that was involved as well, and contains inside some of the gunmen,” Pace added.

More than 30 spent shell casings were found at the scene.

“Bottom line? Marvin Gaye: ‘What’s going on? Babies dying, mothers crying.’ That’s what I think. I’m 65 years old. I watched these kids, I watched them grow up. It’s just crazy all over,” said Thomas Moore of Point Breeze.

No arrests have been made.

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