EXCLUSIVE: “Elon Musk Won’t Be Able to Change Twitter’s Culture” – GETTR CEO Jason Miller Talks to TGP at CPAC Brazil

Miller talks to international correspondent Fernando de Castro at CPAC Brazil 2022. (Photo: Camila Magalhães/GETTR)

The GETTR CEO and ex-Donald Trump Senior Advisor, Mr. Jason Miller, spoke exclusively to TGP during CPAC Brazil 2022, held in Campinas, São Paulo. The event was produced by congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Asked about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Mr. Miller said he does not believe the sale will be completed.

Mr. Miller stated that he supports Musk’s decision but considers Twitter to be a defective product. He warns about the high purchase price and the number of fake profiles on the platform.

“I very much support Musk’s attempt to change what the Big Techs have been doing. I’m all for free speech, but I don’t think the deal will complete. Elon Musk has offered too much money and Twitter is not profitable enough, the key here is that if he pays the money, he won’t be able to change the culture, Twitter is broken”, he said.

Miller also said that if Elon Musk’s takeover goes through, he would have to make major changes to the social media platform.

“He would have to fire the whole team, basically. I think it’s easier for Elon to succeed in landing a rocket on Mars than it is to change the culture of Twitter”, Mr. Miller said.

Midterm Elections

As for the midterm elections, scheduled to take place in November, Mr. Miller says that the Republicans will be able to win a larger number of seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, he believes the GOP will be able to gain a majority.

“The historical average for Republicans is thirty seats in the house, but in two exceptional elections that we had in 1994 and 2010 the Republicans were much better on the ballot”, the GETTR CEO recalled.

Miller says: “In general the Republicans’ difference is an eight-point advantage, but overall, the average has been thirty. So, it won’t surprise me if it now goes to fifty, sixty or maybe even seventy GOP seats. In the Senate, I think the GOP will win two seats which will be between 52-48 seats”, he said.

Miller’s projection may be confirmed. Republican Mayra Flores’ victory in the special election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District may be indicative of the vigorous strength of the GOP nationwide.

GETTR’s Future

Asked about the future of his social media platform, GETTR, Jason Miller has good expectations. Currently, the website has 6 million users, 2 million of which are Brazilians, a fact celebrated during CPAC Brazil.

“I think the future is very bright, we are one year from launch, we already have almost 6 million global users and 1 million here in Brazil, it’s growing very fast, and I think it’s an energy. We are in favor of freedom of speech, and this is going to continue. Brazil is already GETTR’s second market”, Mr. Miller finished.

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