AG Garland’s Ominous Warning to Trump: I’m Watching the Jan. 6 Hearings… and I Can Assure You Jan. 6 Prosecutors are Watching as Well (VIDEO)

US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday fired off an ominous warning to Trump and his advisors when a reporter asked him about the January 6 show trials.

The January 6 Maoist show trials continued on Monday with Liz Cheney at the helm.

A reporter asked Merrick Garland whether he has had a chance to watch the January 6 hearings and if he has learned anything that could be useful for the Justice Department’s work.

“I am watching and I will be watching all of the hearings…and I can assure you that the January 6th prosecutors are watching all the hearings as well,” Garland said.

He continued, “The Justice Department’s longstanding position is that we don’t comment on ongoing investigations.”

Merrick Garland said the Justice Department is proceeding with “full urgency” to hold “all perpetrators who are criminally responsible for January 6 accountable regardless of their level, their position and regardless of whether they were present at the events of January 6.”

Garland is talking about Trump.


Joe Biden is using the might of the federal government to lock up his political opponents.

Earlier this month the FBI arrested Trump advisor Peter Navarro for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the January 6 panel.

“They intercepted me gettin’ on the plane and then they put me in handcuffs, they bring me here. They put me in leg irons. They stick me in a cell,” Peter Navarro told reporters on June 3.

No doubt the DOJ’s ultimate goal is to indict President Trump and Monday’s warning from Merrick Garland pretty much confirms this.

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