Shock: Doctors Can’t Get Formula for Sick Children Hospitalized Over Shortage

The formula shortage is so bad that doctors at a Tennessee hospital are unable to find the specialty formulas required for two young child patients who were hospitalized because they got sick after their parents could not get formula. The children are at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis where doctors are trying to keep the children alive until the right formula can be found by giving them IV fluids and “nutrition support.”

The story was reported by WMC-TV (excerpt)

A nationwide formula shortage is hitting close to home. Two Mid-South children are being treated at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital because of the supply issue.

Neither doctors nor their families can find the formula these children need on store shelves.

We’re told both children are in stable condition at Le Bonheur, but they both have special medical needs and the normal formula they use is out.

…Dr. Mark Corkins is currently treating the two children hospitalized. He says is one is a pre-school age child and the other is a toddler, both are living with intestinal conditions.

…Now doctors are treating the children with IV fluids and nutrition support until formula becomes available.

End excerpt. Please read the complete story at WMC-TV.

Has the hospital checked with Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas?

Rep. Kat Cammack reports the Biden administration has pallets of infant formula stocked at the border to feed illegal alien children.

“Last week, I received text messages and photos from border patrol agents showing a stockpile of baby formula. Of course, the White House, CNN, and other liberal outlets claimed that I was lying. So I decided to go down to the border to film what I found. 1/3 What I saw were multiple stocked warehouses filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing, with a confirmation from Border Patrol that was more in route. Meanwhile, American families see empty shelves in stores all across the country. 2/3 This crisis is a direct consequence of Biden’s FDA canceling 43% of Abbot’s baby formula production with no plan to backfill that market share. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is broken and doesn’t know how to fix the problem; they only know how to create problems. 3/3”

The Biden administration says it is working “very hard” on the formula shortage as it tweets out a photo of an empty store shelf.

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