Reports: “We’re Numb to It”: Twice a Week School Lockdowns in Uvalde Became Routine as Biden’s Open Borders Turned Texas Town into ‘Wild Wild West’

Students in Uvalde, Texas say school lockdowns have become routine because of frequent high-speed car chases by Border Patrol of illegal aliens reported Buzzfeed this week. A year ago to the week of the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that took place Tuesday killing 19 third and fourth grade children and two teachers, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden’s open borders policies had turned his small western Texas town into the “Wild Wild West.”

The mayor of a Texas city near the Mexican border says President Biden’s illegal alien crisis has overwhelmed his town and is endangering everyone including schoolchildren.

Don McLaughlin reiterated his comparison of Uvalde in 2021 to “the Wild Wild West”, and told “Tucker Carlson Today” that his town is seeing “13-15 [police] chases per week.”

McLauglin blamed the federal government for the border being overrun and claimed the Biden administration is not being honest about the statistics.

Buzzfeed excerpt:

The school lockdowns across Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday didn’t strike many students as anything odd. In this small border town, they’re common as suspects try to evade authorities in high-speed chases.

“We just thought it was a normal Tuesday,” Victoria Phillips, a 17-year-old senior at Uvalde Classical Academy, told BuzzFeed News.

…Larri Ann Wright, head of school for Uvalde Classical Academy, confirmed that the campus has “endured multiple campus lockdowns each month.”

“In fact, when we initially went on lockdown Tuesday, many of our high school students assumed it was due to yet another bailout issue,” Wright said. “Our southern border crisis has greatly affected all of us.”

Peyton Phillips, also 17, said she figured the lockdown on Tuesday was related to issues related to the border, which is about 130 miles away. “[It] is still scary, but you just become used to it,” she said.

“We’re numb to it pretty much,” sister Victoria Phillips added.

Peyton said she feels safe at school, but at home, it’s different. There are often high-speed police chases that go down her “little street,” while helicopters hover over.

“I think everyone in south Texas has felt unsafe or anxious because of the chaos that comes with the border crisis,” she said. “But obviously the Robb Elementary shooting had nothing to do with the border crisis.”

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While Biden’s border crisis did not play a direct role in the school shooting, the routine nature of the lockdowns because of the border crisis could have led to a routine rather than urgent response to the initial reports of gunfire near the school before the shooter, Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos, 18, entered the school to commit the massacre.

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