Lincoln Memorial Closed After Partying Elite College Grads Trash Shrine on Eve of Centennial

The Lincoln Memorial was closed to visitors Saturday by the National Park Service after graduates of an elite college, reported to be Georgetown University, trashed the memorial with broken wine bottles, spilled champagne and litter. The trashing comes on the eve of next weekend’s 100th anniversary of the memorial’s dedication.

Lincoln Memorial Commission chairman (and former president) William Howard Taft (right) presents the Lincoln Memorial to President Warren G. Harding (left), May 30, 1922, National Park Service photo.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson, “Georgetown University students blamed for mess at Lincoln Memorial, sources say”

D.C. freelance photo journalist Anthony Tilghman posted photos of the trashed memorial.

Photos from two years ago show Georgetown grads partying at the Lincoln Memorial.

Photos from the mid-2010s show a more respectful gathering.

C-SPAN broadcast a segment of Saturday’s Washington Journal live from the memorial to mark it’s centenary.

UPDATE: Lincoln Memorial cleaned and reopened, “Thanks to our facilities staff for the quick clean up this morning. The Lincoln Memorial is open. We appreciate your patience.”

The Lincoln Memorial’s centennial observance will take place a week early on Sunday, most likely to avoid conflicts with Memorial Day next weekend.

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