INSANITY: Gas Stations In Washington State Are Preparing For $10 A Gallon Gasoline

Gas stations in Washington State are preparing to program their pumps for double-digit pricing.

While gas prices are rising everywhere, Washington State is preparing for the price to rise to the shocking level of $10 a gallon.

This is simply not sustainable. Even the lefties in Seattle are probably going to lose their minds over this.

Breitbart News reports:

Gas Stations in Washington Brace for $10 a Gallon Amid Gas Shortages

Gas stations throughout Washington are reprogramming their gas pumps to allow for double-digit prices as some in the area are running out of gas, according to a recent report.

One 76 Gas Station in Auburn, Washington, reprogrammed its gas pumps to “make room” for gas upwards of $10 a gallon, according to The Post Millennial. The move comes as gas prices continue to set record highs. On Thursday, national gas prices hit a record high for the tenth day in a row at $4.58 per gallon, according to AAA. This is more than $1.50 higher than the average price one year ago today, which was $3.04 per gallon.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Wednesday that Biden “understands what the American people is going through,” as gas sets record highs, but many blame President Joe Biden for the drastic increase in prices…

Gas prices have constantly risen since President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Biden has launched a “war on oil” that included ending the Keystone XL and Enbridge Line 5 pipelines. More recently, Biden canceled three oil and gas lease sales near Alaska’s coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is flat out crazy.

Average Americans cannot afford $10 a gallon gas.

This is bad. Really bad.

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