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When it comes to ruining the United States, Joe Biden always keeps his promises

Guest post by Bill Hennessey at Substack

Joe Biden promised to reduce the United States to a Third World country if elected. He is keeping that promise.

Biden promised to eliminate America’s fossil fuel industry, and gas prices have more than doubled in just over a year.

Biden promised to fill America with the world’s detritus, and more than 200,000 destitute or criminal aliens pour across our southern border every month.

Biden promised to humiliate America in the eyes of the world, and the Afghanistan debacle remains a symbol of US collapse.

Biden promised to promote sexual deviancy, and now nearly 25 percent of American youth identify as a non-existent sex.

When Joe Biden promises to make America worse, we better listen.

A few weeks ago, Biden promised to bring starvation and food shortages to America. There’s no reason to doubt his word on this. Joe will deliver.

Ukraine and Russia are leading exporters of grain and fertilizer, mostly to Europe, the MIddle East, and Africa. The war in Ukraine threatens to unleash a man-made famine in that country’s grain industry, while Western sanctions have cut off Russian grain and fertilizer to the world. Russia has promised to continue shipping commodities to friendly nations in exchange for Rubles or gold, but NATO and the West could extend sanctions to poor countries who try to take advantage of Putin’s offer.

Meanwhile, drought across much of the US grain-growing region will reduce the US harvest of both winter and summer wheat. And China recently reported its worst winter wheat harvest in history.

At some point, the Biden administration will divert US crops to feed parts of the world reeling from loss of Ukrainian and Russian grain and fertilizer. The White House will announce a plan to make up for the loss by shipping America’s dwindling food supply to Europe and Africa, much as the administration has offered to backfill Europe with American natural gas.

This grain-export policy will put further price pressures on food in the US, driving up inflation, increasing shortages, and diverting more personal income toward basic necessities like food, housing, and transportation.

Looking at typical farming cycles, noticeable shortages should arrive in your local stores just in time for the 4th of July. But the real crisis should arrive as the weather starts to cool in the fall. School lunch programs will be affected. The FDA and the CDC will lower recommended daily allowances of foods. (Yes, expect to see a new food pyramid this summer purportedly based on science, but actually driven by scarcity.) On the plus size, since 40 percent of Americans are obese (even more in the younger generations), most of the population could use a diet.

Few people born in the US have ever experienced a general famine. This will be an adventure. People tend to get a little crazy when they don’t have enough to eat. Look at what happened to America during the George Floyd riots which resulted from a perceived (though false) slight. Given an actual reason to rebel, hungry Americans with crying children at home could decide to take what they want from the elite.

This is all just conjecture, but recent history shows American willingness to resort to violence grows with each new disturbing event. If tens of millions of our neighbors decide that armed theft is their only hope for survival, 2022 could become a watershed in the decline of the American empire.

As Barack Obama once said, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” A true food shortage in which major supermarkets simply close their doors for days at a time with people camping their parking lots for the next shipment would be Biden’s masterpiece.

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