“Typhoid Nancy”: Tucker Carlson ROASTS Triple-Jabbed Nancy Pelosi for Claiming ‘Vaccines Work as Intended’ After Testing Positive for Covid – (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tested positive for Covid-19.

Pelosi is fully vaccinated and recently received her booster dose, but, as has been proven repeatedly, the experimental vaccine does little to nothing in protecting against the virus.

82-Year-Old Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive for COVID – Was With Joe Biden Yesterday

Over the past few days, the DC Swamp has been “pummeled” by a wave of Covid that has seen several other prominent officials also contract the virus, according to Politico.

The uptick in cases follows several large gatherings that were held in Washington over the past week.

Pelosi, in particular, tested positive just one day after the DC Swamp gathered to sign the postal reform bill –  an event attended by both the current President, Joe Biden, and his puppetmaster, Barack Obama.

Despite being full-vaxxed and boosted, a spokesperson for Pelosi issued a statement crediting the vaccine with protecting her from the virus, and, of course, urged people to take their booster.

Because what better time to promote the jab’s efficacy than when it fails. That’s sCiEnCe for ya.

Unable to let the ridiculousness of Pelosi’s jab propaganda slide, Tucker Carlson absolutely blasted the House Speaker on Thursday for putting out such an asinine claim.

“In a statement, Pelosi’s spokesman explained that the vaccine is working ‘very effectively,’ Carlson said with sarcastic emphasis. Quote: ‘The Speaker is fully vaccinated and boosted, and is thankful for the robust protection.'”

“Except for the fact that she’s now infected again. It’s too great,” Carlson said with a laugh.

As Tucker also points out, Pelosi was very ‘hands on’ when she was at the event with Biden and Obama, which, he mocked, had sparked “fears of a super-spreader event” in the nation’s capital.

“On Tuesday, Pelosi was in the White House… kissing Barack Obama’s Hand… she rubbed it against her face, or licked it,” Carlson said with a shudder.



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