What Is Twitter Hiding? Don’t Forget Dr. Shiva’s MINDBLOWING Lawsuit Against Big Tech

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Arabian princes came out of the woodwork! Not to mention, the hysteria from the left. These very same blue haired dipsh*ts who championed censorship a year ago, claiming Twitter had every right to ban a sitting president, suddenly began screaming for the government to reform Section 230. “REEEEE!!!”

Funny, the moment an African American threatens to take over their precious echo chamber, they have an absolute meltdown…

And we’re supposed to be the racists?! PFFFFFTTTTTT!

Then came the Twitter “poison pill”, a DESPERATE move in an attempt to block Elon Musk’s hostile takeover completely. The announcement came yesterday that Twitter would damage the share value if anyone amassed more than 15% of the company by selling to other shareholders at a discounted cost. Thus proving once and for all, that Big Tech doesn’t give a SH*T about money, or what is best for their shareholders.

So if it’s not money, what is it that they’re REALLY interested in? Why are they willing to destroy themselves in order to prevent a hostile takeover that would actually BENEFIT them? Are they just THAT devoted to their left wing agenda, or is something ELSE going on here….


Did Everyone Just Miraculously Forget About Dr Shiva’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech?!

Not too long ago, Dr Shiva was in the fight of his life, uncovering a SHOCKING connection between Big Tech, and governments around the world! The discovery process in his lawsuit revealed historic revelations; arguably more than any Big Tech lawsuit in history. The governments collusion with Big Tech to encroach on our First Amendant rights was put on display for all to see!

All of this is SO relevant right now, it’s a wonder why no one is talking about it!

Where Dr Shiva’s Lawsuit Began!

Dr Shiva ran in the Massachusetts Republican Primaries, just before the general election, and noticed that STRANGELY, he had won in what appeared to be a landslide, but ONLY in the counties that hand counted their ballots. On the other hand, in the counties that used machines, he lost!

Hmm. That’s not weird at all!

Obviously, he wanted some answers, so he went directly to the Secretary of State to request the ballot images, and take a look at exactly what happened. Dr Shiva essentially wanted to conduct an audit of the election.

However, the SOS’s office replied “WE DELETED THEM”. Yes, you heard that right, they didn’t have the ballot images which they were required to retain by law! Needless to say, Shiva went ahead and exposed the email communications between the SOS office and himself on Twitter. At the time, he had roughly 250k followers…. Now what do you think happened next?!

DING! DING! DING! You guessed it, he was banned instantly! What a coincidence!

Now, let’s think about that for a second. Dr Shiva is running for a Federal US Senate seat in the general elections, and was banned off of social media in the middle of his campaign the minute he showed emails between he, and a public official admitting to breaking the law.

Thus Came the Filing of His $1.2 Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Twitter!

And here comes the juicy part!

In the preliminary court proceedings, the state actors ADMITTED UNDER OATH, that they have a “Trusted Twitter Partnership”. They described this in detail. They explained that in order to get Dr Shiva banned off of Twitter, all they had to do is contact Twitter through their own “private portal”, and tell them Dr Shiva was spreading “election misinformation”. And just like that ZAP he’s banned…

…Do you understand the magnitude of this?! Big Tech is allowing the government to reach through Twitter, and censor on their behalf! This is a clear 100% undeniable violation of the First Amendment. We’re not just talking about a “private company” anymore, we’re talking about a private company LAUNDERING CENSORSHIP TO THE GOVERNMENT! Reaching THROUGH Twitter via a hotline, and telling them who to ban.

In this case, they silenced the speech of a political candidate in the middle of his campaign! That is some serious SH*T! Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. Dr Shiva went on to discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes. He discovered, that what happened to him was no isolated incident. In fact, what he found was an entire criminal enterprise.

He Called It A “Domestic Censorship Infrastructure”

A “Surveillance System to Surveil, Blacklist, and Silence”. Twitter, with the Harvard Belfer Center, the Department of Homeland Security, CISA, and billionaires including Pierre Omidyar and Mark Zuckerberg.” All working together in a massive conspiracy.


“I found a document written by the head of Twitter legal counsel in England talking about how they had set up the Partner Support Portal, PSP to enable the government, the parliamentary security forces of Britain, to report on what they called ‘potential threats’ through Twitter. That same infrastructure was deployed in India in the recent election and then also deployed in Taiwan, Australia, and was brought here in 2020 to the United States.”

So as you can see, this isn’t just an isolated incident. This is systemic. Global. The man literally found PLAYBOOKS used to train staff on controlling speech around elections!

The Election Influence Operations Playbook.

This is the actual training manual used for assessing the “risk level” of certain influencers, (like yours truly). The manual instructs that the influencers be tracked, monitored, and silenced if they pose a significant threat.

Now Coming Back to Elon Musk…

Here we sit at the crossroads, with a potential for a based billionaire to intervene and seize control of this criminal enterprise. What happens if a guy like Elon performs a hostile takeover, and takes over this corrupt company? I’ll tell you! He seizes along with it, all of the data, the algorithms, the history, the EVIDENCE! Mind you, Twitter has sworn under oath before US congress that they do not engage in any of these practices and that their algorithms do not contain any inherent bias!

The United States Government, and governments around the globe are at risk of losing one of their greatest assets for spying, tracking, silencing, rigging elections, and pushing their globalist agenda. They also risk total exposure. And let me tell you, they will not allow that to happen. Not under ANY circumstances!

Not without a FIGHT! This is the US government we’re talking about here. I’m actually surprised that Elon hasn’t already “committed suicide”.

We see now that Twitter is prepared to self destruct in order to preserve its dirty little well kept secrets… But, I have a feeling that Elon knew this in advance. He has a relationship with Jack Dorsey. Maybe Jack is in on this with Elon? We know he has been in communication with other investment groups. This isn’t the end. Something big is about to happen, and I have a funny feeling, Elon has a few tricks up his sleeve!

He did say there was a Plan B if they rejected his offer didn’t he?

Now, I have NO idea what that Plan B is, but something tells me ol Elon isn’t the kind of guy who does things willy-nilly. He has already exposed them for the anti-capitalists they are. So, what does he do next? Your guess is as good as mine! Only time will tell but, I have a feeling we’re about to witness one of the most pivotal moments in modern history. And I for one am HYPE!

So strap in, and buckle up because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

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