Strategic Relocation: Move to the Freedom of Idaho and Montana!

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Rampant crime, moral decay, defunded police, 1st and 2nd amendment attacks, over taxation, hyperinflation, stock market and currency collapse, medical tyranny, engineered wars and the totality of the coming ‘Great Reset’ are just a few of the reasons to flee the sanctuary cities and blue states. Is it time to seek a place to raise your family in the freedom of Idaho or Montana or own a bug-out property for the coming hard times? We think so!

As fathers, husbands, mothers and wives we all have a moral responsibility to our loved ones to protect them.

The only way to remove yourself from the control of the elite is to own a rural property where you have your own source of water (private well), sustainable back-up power, the ability to grow food, raise a few animals and barter. A true ‘safe space’ to teach your children about the ways of our forefathers and their moral truths about the dangers of government.

Looking for a large private tract of land in Montana to build your dream home and bunker complex? Our affiliate Flee the City Real Estate has just the property! Majestic Meadows consists of over 180 acres of virgin forest, grassy meadows, multiple springs, rocky bluffs and a fresh year-round stream and the property is surrounded on all sides by National Forest for ultimate privacy. This majestic land is located far from major cities in Northwest Montana off a paved county road and school bus route for easy access but behind a bridge spanning a 460-foot gorge to provide the ultimate in grid-down defensibility. Yes, there is high speed Starlink internet so you can run your business and home school the children all from the safety of your new family homestead.  The Majestic Meadows property is for sale only to those clients that have a deep respect and reverence for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Inquire for more information and pricing at

Flee the City is a firm dedicated to helping clients acquire and develop rural property into sustainable homesteads in Idaho and Montana through consulting, real estate and advanced architectural design services. Properties are normally located well away from major population centers based on core client criteria and feature year-round abundant water sources, on and off grid with alternative backup power, sustainable food production assets, high-speed communications and of course, confidential defensive infrastructure.

Client homesteads range from 5 acres to hundreds (and even thousands) of acres depending upon budget and specific requirements. Existing homes can be retrofitted with sustainable equipment upon request and new construction homes are designed by our Secure Life Homes staff to meet a client’s threat mitigation parameters set forth after consulting with our team of special operations personnel.

What does it cost to Flee the City to Idaho or Montana? Minimum budgets for clients start at $300,000 and go into the millions, of course. For us we believe there is no better asset to put your money into to protect from hyperinflation than property in a free state. Build a legacy for your children before it’s too late!

Flee the City is a multi-faceted firm for those that understand that history favors the prepared. Hope is not a plan, ever. Lead your family to safety, they are counting on you.

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Flee the City Real Estate is licensed in Idaho and Montana and is a fair housing firm.

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