Confirmed: Radical Leftist Public Defender Assigned to Represent Jan. 6er Lied to Judge to Keep Him in DC Gitmo! PLEASE HELP THIS MAN FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM!

*Guest Post by Annie Lee

David Dempsey was arrested by the FBI last August for his involvement in the January 6th Capitol protest. Dempsey had no idea that the horrific morning would be the last time he would see the faces of his wife and young daughter for a very long time.

It’s been 235 days and counting since David was arrested and unconstitutionally detained. Due to lack of finances and his radical left-wing public ‘defender’ (who literally lied to a judge to keep him in DC Gitmo), Dempsey spends his days and nights locked away in a small square box in unconstitutional pretrial detainment.

Alone. Completely alone.  

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Like many other January 6th Political Prisoners, Dempsey has reached out to Americans for help in the form of a letter pleading to be heard and for help in a shot at a fair trial. (All January 6th defendants represented by public defenders have been found guilty, and many have been misadvised to take horrible plea deals.)

Trump Supporter David Dempsey before his unconstitutional detainment at DC Gitmo as a political prisoner of The Biden Regime.

The J6 inmates detained in Washington do not reside in the central jail- they are being held in a nearby annex called the Correctional Treatment Facility.  David and the other D.C. J6 Political Prisoners endure unfathomable conditions on a daily basis, and are being labeled as Domestic Terrorists. During the U.S Marshals Service’s unannounced inspection last November, they found evidence of “systemic” mistreatment of detainees, including unsanitary living conditions. Inspectors found “large amounts of standing human sewage” in toilets in multiple cells, and cells that had been lacking water for days. Staff members “were observed antagonizing detainees” and “directing detainees not to cooperate.”  

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There is black mold infested along the walls and throughout the ventilation system. Often times food and water are withheld from inmates, and when it is served, it’s substandard at best. Many meals consist of moldy bologna sandwiches, laced with pubic hair.  Due to the fact that these men are Trump supporters, David and the other J6 inmates experience daily abuse and violence among the prison guards. These men are being denied their basic human and Constitutional rights such as not being able to speak to their attorneys, attend religious services, being denied basic hygienic rights, and going months without access to a haircut or shave. The DC Jail has also denied David medical treatment for kidney stones, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. Many of these men still haven’t been presented with the charges against them, and have been denied the chance for a bond hearing. Please read David’s heart wrenching letter, written from behind the walls of the DC Gulag- “A hell of its own space” as David calls it.

David Dempsey enjoying freedom with his baby girl before his pretrial detainment in a tiny box for 235 days and counting.

Here is Dempsey’s full statement:

Dear Fellow Americans,  

It’s taken me a great deal of mental strength to write this letter. I really wish that I didn’t have to but I feel compelled to do so, so that I can help shed some light on my current situation. I hope that this letter reaches all of you in good health and spirits. My name is David Dempsey. I’m thirty four years old, a husband to a wonderful wife, a Father to a beautiful daughter, and I’m a freedom loving Patriot. I’m a huge supporter of our true President, Donald J Trump, and I love this country nearly more than anything. It would seem that love has now attracted the full wrath and rage of the federal government. Many people have horror stories about the abuses they suffered at the hands of our corrupt government and I am unfortunately now part of this group. Our country is the one place on Earth where you can have any belief system he so chooses; I am now a political prisoner for mine. As someone who wanted only to voice his opinion and to help wake up the masses to the possibility of losing our once great nation to those who would relish in it’s destruction, I am very disheartened to see the fear coming to life by the direction we are being forced into by the ruling elites. I can assure you that we did not vote for this, we did not ask for this, and we sure in the hell are not okay with it. The problem for me is that I’m powerless to do anything to stop it. Not only am I in jail but the DOJ wants me to remain here for years on end. Not for days, not for months, not for a couple of years, they want to keep me here for many years.It’s not to punish me for any wrong doing, but rather to serve as a message to anyone who’s thinking about standing up to our corrupt government. With that being said, I will now divulge my personal experience into this hell that I am now being forced to call my reality.

My nightmare began on an early morning in Southern California. I’m an early riser and I happened to be awake when my cell phone started to ring with a number that I didn’t recognize. I turned the volume down so it wouldn’t wake my wife and daughter. I ignored the number three times and turned my phone on silent.

Seconds after I did this, bright lights suddenly filled the area where I was and a voice on a loud speaker screamed, “DAVID DEMPSEY, THIS IS THE FBI, WE HAVE THE PROPERTY SURROUNDED!” COME OUTSIDE WITH YOUR HANDS UP NOW!” Somehow no one else was woken up by this and it took me waking them up for them to realize what exactly was happening. My wife asked me what the hell was going on and I told her that FBI agents were outside. By this time my daughter had woken up. My daughter gets real quiet whenever she gets scared and she was pretty much silent except for saying, “Mommie” once or twice. A friend of mine went to the front door, attempted to ask what was going on, and was forcefully pulled out by the FBI agents outside who were armed to the teeth. They were in full body armor, had automatic weaponry, concussion grenades, CS gas canisters, and some even had K-Bar knives. Upon seeing me they became completely belligerent and enraged. Drawing down their sights, they took aim at me and they all started to yell different commands at a fever pitched tone. During all of this I noticed that none of them were wearing masks. Understand that the reason for the masks isn’t for the Covid lie but rather to hide their identities from whoever they’re arresting. Which led me to believe that these people had little to no intention of actually arresting me. The whole event was surreal and has been imprinted on my mind forever. In all of this as I was trying to figure out how to safely have my wife and daughter get out without being shot, I ignored their commands. I told my wife that the pedo protectors were there to hurt or kill me. I screamed at them that I was unarmed and that there was a woman (my wife) and a baby (my daughter)  inside the house with me.

Everyone knows that the FBI has a seedy history, filled with very controversial outcomes when it involves high-profile people and the events surrounding them. This was no exception and had all the marks of ending very badly if they perceived any false threats towards them. Therefore I feared for the safety of my wife and child, just as much for myself. As my body was covered in laser sights from the grotesque amount of agents out front, I told my wife to call my brother. It served two purposes, the first being to have an additional witness of sorts to lessen the chances of the FBI killing me and the second being, that if they did, at least I would have gotten to say I love you to my big brother one last time. During the course of me talking with my brother, my daughter had slipped by me unnoticed right towards the possibly trigger happy men in war fatigues. As I looked at my daughter, I noticed that multiple FBI agents had their guns pointed at my baby girl. They took aim at a four year old as if my precious little girl was some type of threat to these people. My wife screamed, “Why are you pointing guns at my baby!”  

She went to our daughter and scooped her up and I embraced them both and tried to console my terrified little girl. After I let them go and told them to go outside, the FBI proceeded to throw my wife, while still holding our baby, into the living room wall and then jammed a rifle barrel into her side with such force it actually left a barrel shaped bruise on her ribcage. Before I went to go outside I tried to grab my Trump 2020 hat to walk out of there with my head held high and the FBI threatened to shoot me if I grabbed it. I  too was then slammed against the living room wall, handcuffed, pushing my arms up while they pulled my hair down and led me to a waiting undercover vehicle.  

My treatment only got worse after I went to jail. I was treated like I was a terrorist and looked down on by those controlling my movement in the jail. I was left in the dark in regards to the charges against me and my questions went unanswered in relation to my case. As soon as I was housed, I was thrown on seventy one and one. Meaning they only allowed me out of my cell once every three days for one hour to shower and make a phone call. Three weeks later I was flown out to Oklahoma for another month. That place was disgusting and not once in a month did I ever see the sun. I had already heard of the God forsaken conditions at the DC jail, to where I was heading and I thought to myself, “There’s no way it could be worse than here.” I was wrong on so many levels. DC Jail is a hell of it’s own space. From raw sewage spewing out of toilets, mold festering on the walls and on the inside of the ventilation systems, rodents and cockroaches running rampant, gross mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the DOC staff, a culture of violence that has festered inside the jail that stems from decades of failed policies from administration personnel, resulting in; rapes, stabbings, inadequate medical treatment, civil, human, and constitutional right violations. They also work hand and hand with the district courts to prevent anyone here from mounting a proper defense for themselves by depriving them of their discoveries and violating their due process rights.

As a Trump supporter, I have personally dealt with a variety of these stated issues. Though some staff members treat us with respect, if it is found out by other staff members, they face internal repercussions from administration personnel. Sitting in solitary confinement makes all of these issues that much worse. You wouldn’t believe the toll it takes on you as a human being having to go through this day in and day out. The worst part about all of this is that I haven’t seen my family since I was arrested. My daughter is starting to forget who I am and as a Father that hurts me more than anything. All in all this is how I feel these days while I sit and rot away in the DC Gulag Hopeless, helpless, distraught, worried, depressed, anxious, upset, outraged, livid, silenced, forgotten, unduly prosecuted, hated, and vilified. Why these things?

Hopeless, because I can’t afford a private attorney to really fight on my behalf. Helpless, because as a Father I’m not able to be near my daughter to protect her. Distraught, because the country is being destroyed by the radical left while I’m stuck in here. Anxious, because the government does as it pleases with it’s political opponents. Upset, because my name has been tarnished by the Fake News media. Outraged, because the government is getting away with mistreating it’s own citizens. Livid, because my fellow Patriots are being held with me and prevented from being with their families. Silenced, because the truth of the political prisoners is suffocated by people who hate us. Forgotten, because when you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind and it feels like nobody remembers us. Unduly prosecuted, because the government allows the laws to be violated against the Patriots. Hated, because we are considered domestic terrorists. Vilified, because being a Patriot to the Fake News is now synonymous with being called a radical extremist. You know these aren’t words that I would use to describe myself. Unfortunately, these are now commonplace in my life due to my unjust arrest and continued incarceration.

As a Patriot I still believe that there is hope for our wonderful nation. I can say that I, along with millions of my fellow Americans, were shocked and dismayed by the results of the 2020 election, but by God, WE THE PEOPLE can change that outcome and reelect the greatest President we’ve ever had. I wish everyone out there the best, despite Biden trying to destroy us. Thank you for lending me your hearts, ears, and eyes. May God bless you, God bless the United States, and God bless our President Donald J Trump!  

-David Dempsey  

Prisoner #378838  

***David DESPERATELY needs help raising funds for a private Conservative attorney!!!! PLEASE help this man get the justice he deserves. Donate now and send prayers here.

David Dempsey living his life before his unlawful detainment in DC Gitmo.

Here is a heartbreaking audio conversation with David Dempsey as he speaks to J6 Patriot News from the D.C Gulag. 

A radical left wing public defender by the name of Sabrina Shroff was assigned to Dempsey’s case. She is most known for representing Susan Rosenberg who set off a bomb in the U.S capitol building in 1983. Shroff also represented a man named Colinford Mattis, a fellow lawyer in New York, charged with attacking an empty police vehicle with a Molotov cocktail during a protest over George Floyd’s death.  In October 2021 Shroff spoke to Judge Royce Lamberth (the assigned judge in Dempsey’s case), according to an article posted on last November.

Shroff urged Judge Lamberth in a court filing to prevent D.C. officials from moving her client out of the District after she was informed he was going to be transferred. Hours later, Shroff said Dempsey had already been moved before the judge could act, and prosecutors viewed it as a moot point. Shroff proceeded to check in with the judge yet again several days later to say that, in fact, Dempsey had not been moved, and still remained housed in the Central Treatment Facility.  

***David Dempsey is still being held in the dark walls of the D.C Gulag, and he needs your help NOW.  Please donate and help David *HERE*  as he fights this battle for his life and his freedom!  


Annie Lee is an advocate for January 6th Detainees, and a proud American who loves her country wholeheartedly. Please feel free to email comments or tips to:[email protected]  

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