“Paranoid Imagination” – Abigail Disney Attacks Parents Who Support Anti-Grooming Bills (VIDEO)

Walt Disney heiress Abigail Disney this weekend said Florida’s anti-grooming bill is “ridiculous” and argued it is an attempt to take us backwards.

“If you were to erase every reference to gayness and gay people from the planet, which is sort of what the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill feels like, will children not become gay? Do they need to be recruited and groomed, or are people just gay?” Abigail Disney said to CNN’s resident potato Brian Stelter.

“It’s an attempt to push history backwards, and it denies the fact that everyone — conservative or not, has a gay friend or transgender family member,” she said.

“Disney seems like the biggest target because it’s so woven into families,” she said. “So if you can create this idea that somebody’s in there trying to indoctrinate your child, my goodness, the paranoid imagination can run circles with that.”

Video via Grabien News:

Paranoid imagination?

Disney executives admitted they add “queerness” to children’s programming.

Executive producer Latoya Raveneau said her team implemented a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and is regularly “adding queerness” to children’s programming.

“I was just wherever I could just basically adding queerness…if you see anything queer in the show… no one would stop me,” Ms. Raveneau admitted.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday night exposed AMAZE.org, a far-left organization that has infiltrated schools and is disseminating “deeply disturbing” pornographic content to schoolchildren.

The video below, which is geared toward prepubescent children and teens, is so graphic that Twitter put a ‘warning’ on the tweet.

VIDEO (click on tweet to watch video):

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