Marine Veteran and Business Owner To Challenge “SQUAD” Member Rashida Tlaib in Michigan

Steven Elliott, a Marine veteran and business owner, today announced his campaign for the United States Congress in Michigan’s 12th district, against Marxist “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib. Announced through a campaign ad on his Twitter account, Elliott castigated Tlaib for her radical anti-American policy positions and calls for the defunding of police.

Elliott joined the Marine Corps shortly after his 18th birthday, serving for four years as a Logistics Specialist at Camp Pendelton, where he was assigned to the 1stSurveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Group (SRIG), ensuring all combat essential equipment was operational.He was also attached to the Army Paratrooper School in Fort Benning, Georgia, as well as deployed to the US Southern Border to track drug smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal entrants.

After completing his military service, Steven went to work in the private sector as a personal trainer and selling cars at a local car dealership in Royal Oak. In 2001, he took out a loan on his home to start his own business, American Pride Tattoo Studio.

That single tattoo studio, grew to 6 throughout the Detroit area. Steven made the innovative decision to not only offer tattoos, but also tattoo removal in his shops. Quickly seeing the success of offering aesthetics work, in 2012, Steven founded a full service aesthetics center, which he owns and operates to this day; Rochester Laser Center.

In an exclusive statement to this GP journalist, Elliott called out Tlaib for not representing the people of Michigan.

Rashida Tlaib is a reckless radical who needs to be stopped. She does not represent the hardworking people of Michigan. We are seeing a movement in American against hypocritical politicians who break the rules and push there extremist agendas.

Michigan deserves a real leader, not a far left Socialist hack like Rashida Tlaib. I’m a veteran, a businessman, and a common sense conservative who will fight for our working class families.

While Tlaib is definitely a powerhouse when it comes to fundraising, her vociferous Jew hatred (for which she was banned from Israel for), membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (along with AOC) and her support for abolishing the entire prison system, local law enforcement and ICE will be easy targets for Elliott to hammer during the campaign.

Though a political newcomer, unlike Tlaib who served for years in the Michigan State legislature before running for congress, Mr. Elliott is not deterred by taking on the well-moneyed (and anti-American) “Squad” member in the upcoming midterm elections.

“I am a patriot who loves his country and believes that America is truly exceptional,” Elliott said before concluding that inflation, increasing crime, poor education, erosion of freedoms, economic stagnation, high taxes and regulations were the main factors behind his decision to throw his hat in the ring against Tlaib. 

For those looking to learn more about Elliott, or support his campaign, please visit his website by clicking here. 


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