JUST IN: Masked, Shielded, and Quadruple-Vaxxed Maxine Watters, 83, Tests Positive for Covid-19 – Says She’s “Grateful to be Fully Vaccinated”

On Wednesday, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA) announced she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The 83-year-old lawmaker is fully vaccinated and *double* boosted. She is also frequently seen tripling down on the mask theater, wearing her mask and a face shield for the cameras.


Despite taking every precaution recommended by the so-called ‘experts’, Covid eventually caught up to Waters, who says she is not experiencing any symptoms and is currently isolating herself as a precaution.

Like all the other swamp creatures who have tested positive, Waters thanked the vaccine for its failure and shamelessly encouraged others to take the jab.

From Waters, via Fox News:

“Today, I have received a positive test result for COVID. I am currently isolating and have no symptoms. I am following all protocols as recommended by the Office of the Attending Physician and CDC guidance. I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and to have received two booster shots. Thankfully, I am feeling fine and recommend everyone to get vaccinated if you have not done so already.” 


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