Former Stripper Running For Congress Says She Aborted Her Baby To Give It A Better Life

Alexandra Hunt, 29, is running for the Democratic nomination for the Philadelphia-area congressional district and has been attempting to leverage her sordid past in order to gain an edge over her competition in the race.

As a young adult, Hunt chose to become a sex worker while she studied at the University of Richmond where she earned a degree in psychology and now has her eyes set on Congress. She also wants everyone to know that she never regretted her abortion.

Her campaign platform, which is pro-drug use, also includes greater access to abortion, the decriminalization of prostitution, and other progressive promises to erode the backbone of American society. While her campaign advertises her as a youth soccer coach, once it was revealed that Hunt had spent time as a sex worker, the club she coached terminated her after she refused to stop promoting her past as virtuous.

In an op-ed for HuffPost, Hunt wrote that sex work is only viewed negatively because of “misogyny,” arguing that it’s actually an empowering profession that “allows women to own [their] sexuality…and use that to bring both money and power to level the playing field.”

Hunt, who became pregnant at 18, claims that because her “generation faces a lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis, an affordable housing crisis, a student debt crisis, the climate emergency, the prison-industrial complex” and other maladies, she chose to kill her unborn child. “I wanted to offer my child better,” she said.

On Wednesday, the former sex worker created an OnlyFans account in order to fund her campaign. OnlyFans, for the fortunate few who are unaware, is a web service that allows prostitutes, amateur models, and professional adult film participants to offer the sale of smut directly to their fans.

And while accepting sex workers as virtuous members of society is abhorrent in its own right, that isn’t good enough for Hunt. She earnestly believes that they must be accepted as teachers in schools as well.

Among other monstrous viewpoints expressed in Hunt’s writing, one can find advocacy for a high school teacher who was fired after it was revealed she had been using school computers to run a pornographic website. In another instance, Hunt defended a preschool teacher who was fired after she refused to quit doing porn. These are odd positions for someone to take when they claim that education is the cornerstone of their campaign.

The reality is that Hunt, like many young progressives, sees stigma of any kind as a negative influence on society. From personal responsibility to faithfulness in marriage to the virtue of monogamy—and even to the sanctity of life—each and every tradition is considered an evil that must be snuffed out. It doesn’t matter how many babies are terminated, how many girls are trafficked, or how many marriages are ruined. Every negative consequence is met with a dozen unrelated justifications.

After all, how did Hunt defend her decision to terminate her teenage pregnancy? She was worried about climate change.


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