Former Clinton Pollster Sends Warning To Biden – Re-Election “Virtual Impossibility” At Such Low Approval

Joe Biden just got more bad news.

Former Clinton advisor and pollster Mark Penn issued a warning to Biden over his approval rating.

Penn said Biden’s re-election would be a “virtual impossibility” if his approval stays this low.

Partial Transcript via Fox News:

These are spectacularly low [approval] numbers. To really get down to it, only a third being favorable and in the 20s on independents, of course makes [Biden’s] reelection a virtual impossibility. The administration has got to pivot or this is going to be a tornado of a midterms if these numbers continue to hold up. And frankly, they’ve had month after month here to do something to turn around on inflation, on immigration, on Ukraine, on crime. And they just haven’t done it. They have done small little incremental changes. They need big changes to change some big numbers.

Watch the full clip here:

This comes after a new Quinnipiac poll found Joe Biden’s approval at only 33% – another new low.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden’s latest approval numbers are a COMPLETE DISASTER for the Marxist Democrats and their lackeys in Big Tech and the fake news mainstream media.

With their open borders, millions of illegals flooding the country, massive, record inflation, complete lawlessness in the Democrat-run cities, and the collapse of fake news media, the Biden regime and Democrats are in deep, deep trouble.

Just 33% of Americans now approve of Joe Biden’s job performance according to Quinnipiac Polling, an organization that is typically a cheerleader for Democrats. It must be really, really bad.

Biden’s current average approval in Real Clear Politics is 40.4%. 

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