Five Witnesses Connected to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Invoked the Fifth Amendment and Refused to Cooperate with Durham

Five witnesses have invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to cooperate with special prosecutor John Durham as he investigates the origins of Spygate.

Durham revealed in his filing last week that Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann’s data on the Russian Alfa Bank relayed to the FBI and CIA was “not technically plausible” and “user created.”

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley said Durham’s latest filing reveals five witnesses connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaigned invoked the 5th Amendment or plan to invoke the 5th and “refused to cooperate with Durham in fear they might incriminate themselves in criminal conduct.”

Recently, Durham revealed extremely damaging evidence against Sussmann. However, this is the first full description of the Clinton associates refusing to cooperate under the Fifth Amendment. Durham noted that he gave immunity to an individual identified only as “Research 2.” He then noted that this was made necessary by the refusal to cooperate by key Clinton associates:

“The only witness currently immunized by the government, Researcher-2, was conferred with that status on July 28, 2021 – over a month prior to the defendant’s Indictment in this matter. And the Government immunized Researcher-2 because, among other reasons, at least five other witnesses who conducted work relating to the Russian Bank-1 allegations invoked (or indicated their intent to invoke) their right against self-incrimination. The Government therefore pursued Researcher-2’s immunity in order to uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project that Tech Executive-1 and others carried out in advance of the defendant’s meeting with the FBI.”

Read Jonathan Turley’s full blog post here.

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