CRINGE: Hillary Clinton is So Over-the-Top Fake in Zoom Interview with Jill Biden (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton this week interviewed Jill Biden for the Clinton Global Initiative.

The two discussed education and community colleges.

The Clinton Global Initiative is partnering with community colleges across the country in order to churn out more Marxists and Hillary had a chat with Jill about the new venture.

Everyone knows the Bidens and the Clintons don’t like each other.

In fact, emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals Joe Biden hates Hillary Clinton and trashed her to his family.

But Hillary Clinton faked her way through this cringey Zoom call with Jill Biden anyway.

“…That’s why I love teaching at community college,” Jill said.

Hillary Clinton chimed in: “And I love hearing you talk about it, Jill. It really – it warms my heart so much because it is conveyed so clearly and at the end when you said it’s really a second chance for so many people and how they need a little bit of help and a little bit of support…I just love hearing you talk about it…”


Watch the full interview here:

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